Jul 30, 2019

Introducing Humans at Work, a Lingo Live podcast

There are a lot of things we do because that’s the way they’ve always been done. There’s safety in tradition and, generally, we don’t but so often take a step back and ask “is this actually the best way to be doing this?”

But if there’s one thing the last decades of disruption and innovation should have taught us it’s that we should be asking that question more and more. We used to need road atlases before GPS, we used to call cabs before ride sharing apps, and we used to need brick and mortar storefronts before the ubiquity of online shopping sites–the list goes on and on. And it’s not just big changes either. Business processes have changed a ton because business in the digital age has changed just as much. Organizations employ more remote employees than ever before, for just a single example, and, as more and more companies embrace machine learning and other emerging trends, the one thing you can count on is more and more change.

Which brings us to the question we’re asking in the inaugural episode of our new podcast: do we actually need performance reviews?

Think about it. What do we get from these? At many organizations, it’s just something they do because they’ve been doing them forever. Sure, they have some benefits. They are a catch-all document that purports to summarize someone’s recent quarter or year. But we all get that they don’t do that all that well. They capture big trends and big successes but they don’t capture nuance. And they reward people who are especially good at marketing themselves and their work.

Cody Wright is an expert in this subject. In fact, he’s writing a book about it. Cody joined Mike Giordani, our Co-Founder and Chief of Staff, for a wide-ranging discussion about what performance reviews get right, what they get wrong, and what to replace them with.

We know it’s just the first episode, but we’re excited to get the ball rolling on this podcast. We’ve got a great rolodex of smart folks who have strong opinions about the best way to do business in our modern workplaces and we’ll be sharing those conversations regularly. Check out the first episode below, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for the next episode in a couple weeks!

Episode 1: Cody Wright

Cody Wright is on a mission to kill the performance review. In this week’s episode, Mike and Cody talk about why the review is such a pervasive part of office life, whether it’s worth having in the first place, and, if not, what best to replace it with.



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