Develop your next generation of leaders

Lingo Leaders is a skills-based, personalized, online coaching solution that gives your managers and emerging leaders the skills they need to communicate with more confidence, authenticity, and clarity.

Customized online coaching to improve communication skills

Lingo Leaders provides the skills necessary for your people to perform at their best by focusing on any of the following areas:

Build truly collaborative teams

Better Communication

Help managers become skilled, confident communicators by improving their verbal and non- verbal skills. This track covers tasks such as giving presentations, active listening, public speaking, and storytelling.

Unlock authentic self

Social Skills

Our social skills track focuses on how to use small talk to develop interpersonal skills and build stronger relationships between the manager and their direct reports by breaking the ice to have more comfortable conversations.

Train emerging leaders

Moving from IC to Management

Emerging leaders learn crucial management skills like how to run effective meetings with clear agendas, how to negotiate and debate ideas, the art of persuasion, and more.

Foster positive disagreements

Difficult Conversations

Covering thoughtful disagreements and crucial
conversations, this track helps managers avoid artificial harmony by coaching them on how to have honest
conversations, give difficult feedback, and as a result, foster more motivated teams.

Our learners love Lingo Live


of users say Lingo Live is a "must-have" for their career


of users who achieved workplace milestones say Lingo Live provided crucial support


of managers see communication improvement

Data from Lingo Live user survey, 2018

How we do it

Our Skills-Based Approach

Our program concentrates on specific, real-world skills. We start with an initial self-awareness course and follow up with personalized lessons in the focus area each individual needs most.

Where we start

Self-awareness course

The learning journey will begin with a 6-lesson foundational course. This course helps develop the right mindset and self-understanding necessary for improving your communication and leadership skills.

Concentrate on what's needed most

Choose a starting focus area

After the self-awareness course, learners have the ability to personalize their learning journey. Each lesson will cover a real-world task related to the focus area of their choice: better communication, social skills, moving to management, or difficult conversations. 

Learn and grow

Achieve better business results

Communication breakdowns are the biggest blocker for successful teams. As your emerging leaders grow into their roles and learn how to make the important decisions and have the hard conversations that drive success, you’ll benefit from more cohesive teams and a more vibrant, authentic culture.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your talent?