Our Method

Why is Lingo Live effective?

Lingo Live delivers the effectiveness of live language instruction combined with the convenience of anytime, anywhere. Our proprietary skill-based learning approach delivers highly-personalized lessons relevant to students’ needs.

Extraordinary Instructors

Our instructors have decades of experience and accreditation to teach their native languages. Instructors undergo an extensive training process led by our team of language experts.

Complete Immersion

The next best thing to moving to a target country is interacting with a native instructor at anytime on any device to develop critical language skills.


Students interact with topics in our curriculum tailored to their learning needs. Instructors take input from students to personalize each and every lesson.

Seamless Access

Our online platform is accessible from any device anytime, anywhere, allowing students the convenience and flexibility to take frequent lessons to accelerate learning outcomes.

Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive Assessments are performed after each lesson and aggregated into a report, giving students and employers unprecedented transparency on progress and engagement across the organization.

Lingo Live Proficiency Belts

Each of our language courses was developed by our team of PhD linguists according to the Common European Framework, the global standard for language proficiency. Each Proficiency Belt™ breaks down language into its four basic components: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and communicative ability.


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