Our Approach

Our coaches start by diagnosing issues that can hold foreign-born employees back – formal language skills, cultural knowledge, social conventions – and address them head-on with a customized roadmap of specific tasks. Over time, our learners apply their new skills “in the wild,” speaking with newfound confidence in meetings, presentations and reviews.  

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How It Starts

Our web-based learning program can be deployed quickly and easily to teams of any size and learners in any location. To get started, our customers simply pick a package or pay-as-you-go option. Learners sign up on our portal and are paired with an expert coach in an appropriate time zone within minutes.

How It Works

Our matching algorithm pairs each employee with a coach who specializes in the areas where that learner wants to improve. Learners and coaches then meet via video chat for 45-minute lessons several times per week. The only homework is for the learner to practice in their professional environment.

Our Platform

Our web-based platform provides a lightweight deployment solution for managers and easy onboarding for learners, but it also offers smart features, including a matching algorithm pairing learners with the right coaches and a convenient Bird’s Eye View™ Dashboard where learners and managers can easily track progress at a glance.

Diverse Course Offerings

We offer a variety of options to meet each individual’s needs and growth trajectory. Learners can choose supplemental sessions on topics ranging from accent reduction to the art of explanation, while they continue to address ongoing issues and goals in core one-on-one lessons with their longterm coach.

Support at Every Level

We make sure that our customers have guidance every step of the way. Our Learner Success Managers help employees set goals and stay on track and our Customer Success team empowers managers and L&D stakeholders with the insights they need to support individual growth and demonstrate program impact.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a workplace culture where everyone feels heard and we believe that language and culture gaps are too often overlooked, even at tech companies where Diversity and Inclusion is a company-wide priority.

By providing effective English language and communication coaching, we enable individuals to participate fully in the workplace, which allows them to authentically belong and their teams to collaborate with maximum creativity and momentum.

Our consultative approach helps learners to pinpoint their goals and work towards them effectively, and provides managers with the guidance and support they need to help their whole team grow and flourish.

The Learner Journey

  • Yu is in a meeting. He has a great idea, but before he can figure out how to phrase it, the topic changes. His manager says he’d like to hear him speak up more.
  • Yu starts taking live lessons with Ann. After he shares his short and longterm goals with her, they decide to start by focusing on how to properly interject.
  • Ann and Yu practice one-on-one, where he doesn’t have to worry about making mistakes. Along the way, she corrects his pronunciation and explains idioms.
  • Yu goes to another meeting, and again has a great idea. He interjects, using a phrase Ann taught him, and expresses his idea succinctly. His manager smiles.
  • Yu tells Ann he feels more confident at work and he’s excited to collaborate with his team. She congratulates him and recommends another relevant task tied to self-advocacy.
  • Three months later, Yu and Ann have gotten to know each other even better, and he trusts her to recommend new tasks to work on as he approaches his annual review.

Our Impact

  • 90% of managers in a recent pilot saw a direct impact on job performance
  • 87% of learners feel the program is a valuable use of their time
  • 85% of learners find the coursework relevant to their career growth