Case Study

A leadership coaching solution for emerging leaders

In this leadership case study, discover how emerging leader coaching we armed managers on the fast-growing Fictiv team with the skills they needed to lead their teams to success.

Fictiv Case Study

The Company

Fictiv is a revolutionary, on-demand parts manufacturer based in San Francisco that specializes in 3D printing, CNC, injection molding, and more. The company is democratizing access to manufacturing, and transforming how hardware teams design, develop and deliver physical products. From prototype to production, they help hardware teams work efficiently and bring products to market faster.

The Challenge

Fictiv has been adding clients at breakneck pace which has make it hard to maintain the culture that made their team so successful in the first place. The company’s leadership wanted to invest more in their people and maintain their values while juggling the dynamics of a scaling startup. That meant giving their emerging leaders the coaching they need to succeed. They turned to Lingo Live to make it happen.

“Lingo Live probably influenced my promotion. I worked on emulating my role models at work—finding what worked well and trying to adopt those practices and principles. I became more intentional in the way I communicated, and it started yielding positive results.”

Beau Powell
Supply Chain Quality Management Lead

The Solution

Most of Fictiv’s learners were great individual contributors without much management experience. Their coaches helped them get better at things like advocating for themselves and their teams, having difficult conversations at work, and balancing their time between making and managing. Literally every one of them (100%) reported learning skills that helped them directly on-the-job.

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The Future

Learners like Beau are getting promoted and growing into Fictiv’s next generation of leaders. They keep the culture healthy and vibrant, and use their skills to help their teams achieve organizational goals. Meanwhile, Fictiv is retaining more of its brightest talent—and attracting more top-notch new hires like them—because they are demonstrating their commitment to their growth.

“We wanted to connect learning and development to performance. There were a few folks we were trying to promote and we wanted to see if giving them coaching would help advance that promotion probability. It did. We have seen really huge advancements, and the coaching has been instrumental.”

Desiree Therianos
Head of People

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