Case Study

How Fictiv is Growing its Leaders of Tomorrow with Lingo Live

Fictiv Case Study

Fictiv is a revolutionary, on-demand parts manufacturer based in San Francisco that specializes in 3D printing, CNC, injection molding, and more. They’re revolutionizing and democratizing the way hardware teams work and helping them to bring products to market faster.

But with big growth comes big challenges. How do you maintain the company culture that made you successful while growing your team, your employees, and your market share? For Fictiv, it was crucial that they nurture the emerging leaders on their team, keeping them motivated and incentivized while giving them the skills they need to manage and lead.

They turned to Lingo Leaders.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Fictiv unlocked the talent of their brand new leadership, hear from learners themselves, and see how successful the program was.