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Personal coaching for diverse teams and emerging leaders

Communication coaching is a powerful tool—whether you use it to help non-native English speakers share their ideas in real time or to enable frontline managers to provide constructive, actionable feedback to their teams.

Pat Poels

Former CTO | Eventbrite

Workplace improvement after lessons


Data from 2017-2018 Client Historical Trends Report (n=319)

“Lingo Live has been the primary driver for people to gain confidence and advocate for their ideas. It has been crucial to our goal of attracting and retaining the best talent, allowing us to continue to expand across borders.”

Juan Pable Cerva Fris
HR Manager
Eventbrite Mendoza

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Win over top talent

We make companies more appealing to global talent by offering to upskill their workplace communication, promote their career growth and increase their sense of belonging in the workplace. In a recent survey, 67% of learners said they were more likely to stay at their company because it offered Lingo Live lessons.

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About a quarter of surveyed HR officials report more mistakes and less productivity as a result of communication barriers. Our coaching reduces misunderstandings, improves productivity and encourages retention by giving everyone the tools to be heard and feel included.

We cater to your team's needs

We’ll help you figure out who to invite to participate

We’ll help you figure out who to invite to participate

Companies are vying for the best talent. In the tech industry, it can cost up to 3 times an engineer’s salary to replace her.* We help companies attract and retain top talent by cultivating a deeper sense of belonging, increased opportunity for career advancement and improved job satisfaction.

*Employee Retention Now a 
Big Issue

We’ll give support and insights to optimize your experience

We’ll give support and insights to optimize your experience

Our Success Team meets with you regularly to check in on how things are going for you and to provide in-depth visibility and insights into your team’s progress. They are eager to hear your questions and concerns and willing to create customized solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

We’ll help track engagement so you know you’re getting value

We’ll help track engagement so you know you’re getting value

When you need to get a pulse on how your team’s language and communication improvement is coming along, all you need to do is go to your dashboard on our app to see the high level—like how many active learners you have and how many lessons they’ve used so far—as well as individual-level details, like coach feedback.

“Lingo Live is a totally personal experience. My coach has planned lessons and then been like, ‘Oh, it seems like you need this,’ and pivoted in the middle. It’s tailored to your personality and to what you need specifically that day.”

Adeeti Katti

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