We are working to meet this moment

Since our inception, we have helped employees make their voices heard and organizations cultivate multicultural inclusion. Now, we are also committing financial, educational and operational resources to promoting racial equity in our workplace and beyond.

Our Commitments

Our financial commitment

Anti Racism Initiatives

Our educational commitment

Through education, we aim to create a more psychologically safe, inclusive work environment for all people at our company. Our efforts include anti-racism training with Grant Doster, an anti-racist book club hosted by our CEO Tyler Muse, and the Heartled Conversation Series, a new project hosted by our former Chief of Staff Mike Giordani.

Anti Racism Initiatives

Our operational commitment

We commit to building a team as diverse as the world we are impacting. Our initiatives include bi-annual DEIB reports presented at all hands and board meetings, expanded candidate sourcing, unconscious bias training and managerial support for career growth. Have more ideas?

Anti Racism Initiatives