Experience the power of peer learning and support with group coaching

Elevate leadership potential and enhance problem-solving skills through interactive group coaching, led by a professional leadership coach, in a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes peer learning, support and accountability.

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Group Coaching

Companies choose Lingo Live for group coaching to build great leaders

Enhance problem-solving skills

Greater organizational knowledge
Group members share and exchange knowledge, different perspectives and experiences, which can lead to increased organizational effectiveness.

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Increase engagement
Employees get a sense of camaraderie and motivation that helps them feel more connected to their work and willing to succeed.

Improve team performance

Improve team performance
Teams network and connect while collaborating and problem-solving, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

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Promotes collaboration and networking
Get a built-in network of peers that provide support, encouragement, and accountability, while breaking down traditional silos.

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Lower cost at scale
Group coaching programs are typically more cost-effective than one-on-one coaching and can scale to serve more employees at once.

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Conflict resolution
Helps a team work through challenges and build healthier relationships.

Business results with Lingo Live


of managers have noticed improvement in reports


experience coach satisfaction rating


of coaches applied their learning by session three

total sessions delivered

Skills Catalog
Twenty-four skills to innovate and excel together

The most effective leaders cultivate psychological safety, manage group dynamics, build cross-functional networks, act strategically and commit to growth.

Ensure consistency and quality

Ensure consistency
and quality

The Lingo Live Skills Catalog, designed from research-based evidence on successful behavior changes, ensures consistency and quality of our coaching program.

Flexibility to design custom programs

Flexibility to design
custom programs

The Lingo Live Skills Catalog enables the flexibility to build custom programs based on your L&D program needs, business goals and company culture.

Demonstrates courage
Ask for feedback
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A human-to-human coaching experience

The right human-to-human interaction provides the safety and trust, as well as the depth, context, and accountability needed to transform someone’s ability to not only learn these skills but embody them as a unique part of their identity.

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