A guide to integrated succession planning and career development

A toolkit to identify and grow the high-performing leaders of tomorrow and engage the employees of today

High employee turnover rates, remote work, and the talent shortage have created new business challenges, making succession planning and career development more important than ever.

However, a recent survey revealed that 56% of HR professionals said their organization does not have a succession plan. Rather than pulling back on employees, organizations that realign spending on career development programs stand a greater chance of meeting the business and talent challenges of today and tomorrow.

By investing in learning opportunities for your employees, you can attract and retain top talent, ensure business continuity, and even drive growth.

Download the guide to learn how to:

  • Develop succession planning to improve bench strength
  • Use career pathing as a talent management strategy
  • Build a career development plan for succession and career pathing

L&D professionals drive organizational change

Many organizations recognize learning not just as an HR strategy, but as a business strategy, with 87% of learning and development professionals having a significant involvement in helping an organization adapt to change.

Organizations that excel at career pathing and internal mobility are more than twice as likely to retain employees for 5.4 years – or twice as long as those that struggle with it.

By investing in learning opportunities for employees, organizations stand a greater chance of attracting and retaining their workforce and addressing critical business challenges in today’s business environment to maximize the return on digital transformation initiatives and meet future demands.

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