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Discover how we help customers build bridges to their new international teams to facilitate better relationships, collaboration and innovation.

Why coaching is key for international growth

Innovation sits at the heart of every growing tech company. To outpace the competition, companies need to constantly add new features, fix bugs and create brand new, never before seen ideas. At the core of groundbreaking product is a team of developers and engineering turning these ideas into a reality. Without a talented tech team, Uber couldn’t connect drivers to riders, Airbnb couldn’t connect hosts to travelers, and eBay couldn’t connect buyers to sellers.

With 74% of engineers in Silicon Valley born outside of the United States, English is not the native language—and American culture is not the norm—for a significant portion of the qualified talent. Requiring native-level English ability from the get-go would considerably reduce the talent pool and exclude some of the top innovators, problem solvers and coders. As a result, communication training is becoming increasingly important for growing tech companies.

How we helped Eventbrite scale in Argentina

Pat Poels, Former CTO, Eventbrite

Eventbrite wanted to build trust with their new team in Argentina. They needed a language learning solution that was both effective and worked on a flexible schedule.

Lingo Live fit that bill with engagement and progress metrics to boot. Our solution helped their teams bond, collaborate and innovate together.

Eventbrite, by the numbers


Total learners




Average YoY growth

“Lingo Live has been the primary driver for people to gain confidence and advocate for their ideas. It has been crucial to our goal of attracting and retaining the best talent, allowing us to continue to expand across borders.”

Juan Pable Cerva Fris
HR Manager
Eventbrite Mendoza

How we helped Twitter expand internationally

In 2014, Twitter was growing exponentially around the world. Recruiting qualified people with near-native English was impossible, and communication gaps limited collaboration, productivity, and career growth. After a successful pilot in Brazil, Lingo Live coaches helped Tweeps collaborate and thrive across Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Twitter, by the numbers


Lesson Satisfaction




Feel more confident at work

“I see this as a talent retention tool in Japan. English proficiency is becoming more critical for career advancement around the world and providing this learning opportunity supports our employee’s career growth and build’s loyalty.”

Yu Shimizu

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