Effectively communicate and enhance team collaboration

Strong managers with excellent communication skills are at the heart of effective collaboration. Our language and communication coaching program helps ESL employees not only improve their English to uplevel their careers, but also empowers leaders looking to gain skills such as having difficult conversations, writing memos, or giving a presentation.

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Language Coaching

A leg up for ESL employees

Lingo Live goes beyond the fundamentals of language teaching to educate multilingual professionals with the soft skills they need to perform their best and advance their careers. We organize our coaching program around six core communication skills of focus.

Why businesses are using Lingo Live for language and communications skills development

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product development

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of coachees report Lingo Live helped them achieve career milestones


of coachees are more engaged at work even if already advanced English speaker

Skills Catalog
Six areas of focus for relevant workplace skills

Our language Skills Catalog is a set of six core skills critical to successful communication and collaboration.

Ensure consistency and quality

Ensure consistency and quality

The language and communications Skills Catalog, designed from research-based evidence on successful behavior change, ensures consistency and quality of our coaching program.

Flexibility to design custom programs

The language and communications Skills Catalog enables the flexibility to build custom programs based on your L&D program needs, business goals, and company culture.

Flexibility to design custom programs
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Coaching People

How it works


Understand customer program goals

Understand customer program goals

We sit down with our customer’s L&D team to understand their current program and their program goals.


Skills alignment and goal setting

Skills alignment and goal setting

We map our Skills Catalog to match the leadership development goals of your organization.


Skills assessment and matching

Skills assessment and matching

Coachees Identify skills of focus and get matched with a selection of coaches based on skills preference.


Practice, learn and apply skills

Practice, learn and apply skills

Pinpoint a goal and practice skills to help you accomplish that goal and apply learnings in real-life work situations until a goal is reached.


Assess impact and track progress

Assess impact and track progress

Progress is assessed through 360 reviews by peers, direct reports, and the direct manager at the midterm and program completion to ensure real behavior change.


Measure success

Measure success

Gain key insights from your team’s data to share with your executive team.

One-on-one customized coaching experience

The right human-to-human interaction provides the safety and trust, as well as the depth, context, and accountability needed to transform someone’s ability to not only learn these skills but embody them as a unique part of their identity.

Personalized approach to coach matching, trust, and respect

We ensure that coachees develop trust and respect with their coaches and that sessions are a safe space, which enables deeper levels of program commitment and exhibits real behavior change without the fear of retribution

Personalized approach to coach matching
Forge behavior change

Forge behavior change aligned to company values

Our coaches are aligned with our Applied Learning model to deliver outcomes by having coachees learn a skill over time in sessions and continue to apply the skill teachings in real-work scenarios until a competency goal is reached.

“Many of our engineers working with Lingo Live are more confident, engaged in team discussions and feel more effective with their time in the office. Moreover, managers and team leaders have recognized the quality improvements in their teams. We see the benefit of 1-on-1 coaching, especially through Lingo Live which gives our employees more flexibility. I hope to have a lasting partnership with Lingo Live as we continue to invest in nourishing a strong company culture.”

Corina Kolbe
Head of L&D

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