Coaching for learners of Spanish as a heritage language

With the number of Hispanic students enrolling in Spanish language programs across the US on the rise, it is critical for language programs to help heritage language learners develop confidence in their communication skills with their communities in and outside of the classroom.

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Developing your self-control

Critical for emotional intelligence, self-control is the ability to compartmentalize how we react through our emotions in personal and social contexts. Managing our own emotions and nonverbal communication requires a lot of patience, practice, and understanding.

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Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders: Interview with Mike Giordani

Often, professionals get promoted because they’re great at their jobs, but management demands a new set of skills which they may not have yet.

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The reality of acculturation

When it comes to helping your employees acculturate, language and communication coaching is one way to help improve confidence, productivity, and collaboration. Importantly, companies must acknowledge that acculturation requires time, patience, and empathy.

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How communication coaching transformed my mother’s career

After my mother received one-on-one English coaching, everything changed. Her confidence increased, and she was able to share ideas with greater clarity, conciseness and conviction. She deepened her relationships with other teachers and felt more included at work.

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Fostering creativity through inclusion

True inclusion not only builds a company culture built on trust and communication, it also fosters creativity and collaboration on teams.

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Nov 07
My path to Diversity & Inclusion: An Interview with Shane Metcalf

Hear what the Humans, not Resources event moderator has to say about his path to D&I.

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Oct 23
Diversity & Inclusion in Practice: A Conversation with Our CLO

Lingo Live CLO Jesse Abing joins a panel of Diversity & Inclusion experts to answer that question next month at the Humans not Resources meetup.

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