Jan 12
Healthy Habits for Remote Workers

Communicate your schedule and let go of “on-call” anxiety.

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Get Along Better in the Workplace by Improving Your Small Talk Skills

Our Learner Summit session "Small Talk, Big Conversation" was so popular last month, we thought the topic deserved a follow-up blog post from a former Lingo Live coach.

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Dec 27
Lingo Live’s First Learner Summit: Every Experience is an Opportunity to Learn

Originally designed to be a bonus learning opportunity for our current learners, we quickly realized there were lessons to be learned for everyone involved – especially the team at Lingo Live!

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Dec 21
Setting Team Goals Could Be the Secret to Happiness

I resolved to "be happier" this year. But it wasn't until I looked at my co-workers’ goals that I thought, be happier how?

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Dec 20
What to Say (and What Not) around the Holidays

It’s easy to get excited by all the enthusiasm and forget that not everyone celebrates the same holidays the same way. Here are some guidelines we find helpful when around this time of year.

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Dec 16
5 Ways to Improve Speaking on the Fly

Sometimes, having the confidence to speak out is the hardest part.

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Dec 11
Our Own Engineers Get Real about Communication

Find out what our engineering team has to say about team communication after watching our talk with anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Keating.

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Dec 06
The Skills Engineers Need to Run Effective Meetings

Believe it or not, meetings CAN be effective---if you know how to run them well.

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