How communication coaching transformed my mother’s career

After my mother received one-on-one English coaching, everything changed. Her confidence increased, and she was able to share ideas with greater clarity, conciseness and conviction. She deepened her relationships with other teachers and felt more included at work.

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Fostering creativity through inclusion

True inclusion not only builds a company culture built on trust and communication, it also fosters creativity and collaboration on teams.

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Nov 07
My path to Diversity & Inclusion: An Interview with Shane Metcalf

Hear what the Humans, not Resources event moderator has to say about his path to D&I.

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Oct 23
Diversity & Inclusion in Practice: A Conversation with Our CLO

Lingo Live CLO Jesse Abing joins a panel of Diversity & Inclusion experts to answer that question next month at the Humans not Resources meetup.

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Effective meetings start with effective decision-making

If your meetings are wrought with unpreparedness, heavy agendas and end with scheduling another meeting to “continue the conversation,” something has gone terribly awry.

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Self-acceptance and belonging at work

Our fears often hold us back from pursuing professional avenues of growth that could be otherwise available to us.

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Top 3 soft skills fortune 100 companies are investing in

Companies are empowering their people by allowing them to increase their ability to communicate effectively and equipping them with the tools they need. As a result, they can move up in their careers, lead others, and make their voices heard.

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What Should Diversity and Inclusion Actually Look Like?

As Forbes writer Peggy Yu writes, “Inclusivity happens organically when you have diversity at the top of the organization.”

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