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What our coaches do

Our coaches serve as trusted mentors, helping learners evolve as communicators and professionals. They understand that effective English communication is more than the correct words in the right order – it’s about relevant learning situated in a real-word context.

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Who our coaches are

We look for coaches who light up the screen. They come from all over the world. They are linguists, novelists, scuba divers and improvisers. Some have TOEFL certifications, some have PhDs, and others are simply enthralling teachers with a track record of impact. No matter their background, they all have proven success developing lasting relationships with learners – as well as identifying and addressing communication barriers.

  • Expert credentials
  • Focused on situated learning
  • Available in any time zone

Why our coaches care


are happy with the Lingo Live experience


feel they have the chance to grow with us


say our mission makes their work feel important

Get to know our coaches

Will Zinn


B.S Mechanical Engineering

TESOL & TEYL Certified

Will Zinn

I’m a language learner myself and I have a passion for helping others improve their English speaking and communication skills. I get a feeling of satisfaction from seeing my students deliver better presentations, write more effective business reports or just have more meaningful conversations with others.

"Will is awesome, frankly. He always understands my learning challenges, and he asks me whether I'm getting what I want out of the coaching."
Webber Huang, Sales Agency Partner
Susan Cai


B.A. International Business

TEFL & TESOL Trained

Business English Certified

Susan Cai

I have over 15 years experience in the business world ranging from owning a restaurant to being a Territory Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 petroleum company. In addition to helping  my learners improve their English, I emphasize self-confidence and skills that help them with specific tasks at work and in social situations.

“Susan is responsible and she has a business background, so she’s a good fit for me. She taught me techniques to calm my nerves, manage my audience and plan my speeches that really work!”
Lei Shi, Software Engineer
Roman Castro


TESOL Certified

Roman Castro

I have more than 8 years’ experience in adult education, teacher training, consulting, curriculum development and coaching. I strive to give all my students a positive learning experience, one that instills them with the confidence and enthusiasm to express themselves in all facets of their lives.

"During the last team review, I got feedback that my pronunciation and communication skills have increased a lot. My manager asked if it was because Lingo Live and Roman, and I said I think so."
Wenyuan Feng, Software Engineer
Mia Szarvas


B.S. Political Ecology

Mia Szarvas

As a language learner living abroad, I understand the importance of communication when it comes to building relationships. I’m passionate about empowering learners with the tools they need to succeed, and do so by emphasizing key communication skills alongside English language instruction.

"Mia has an agenda, but is also adaptable. She helps me with workplace scenarios and empowerment. I have noticed improvement."
Violet, Software Engineer

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