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We arm emerging leaders on distributed, hyper-growth teams with the skills they need to drive team and company goals.

Great outcomes require great leaders

People skills are often cited as the single most important indicator of successful leadership. Whether it’s Being Open & Vulnerable, Having Difficult Conversations, or Thinking Critically, first-rate people skills are a must for today’s managers. In a recent survey, 96% of learners say that improving their people skills was necessary for them to move up within their organizations. Our Skills-Based Coaching program helped them acquire those skills so they can do just that.

How prepared are recent grads for the workforce?

Well Prepared for Work
Missing Soft Skills
Missing Hard Skills
Missing Both Types of Skills

Workday-Bloomberg Building Tomorrow’s Talent Survey 200 organizations, Fall 2018


How we supported new managers at Fictiv

The parts manufacturer Fictiv was growing at a breakneck pace, which made it hard to set new managers up for success. Our coaches honed crucial skills like Planning & Aligning and Influencing People and their learners got promotions and achieved company goals.

“We wanted to connect learning and development to performance. There were a few folks we were trying to promote and we wanted to see if giving them coaching would help advance that promotion probability. It did. We have seen really huge advancements, and the coaching has been instrumental.”

Desiree Therianos
Head of People

Our coaching, by the numbers


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of managers have noticed improvement

“Lingo Live influenced my promotion. I worked on emulating my role models at work—finding what worked well and trying to adopt those practices and principles. I became more intentional in the way I communicated, and it started yielding positive results.”

Beau Powell
Supply Chain Quality Management Lead

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