Skills-Based Coaching

Empower your team to innovate and lead

Boost the skills your emerging leaders need to drive hyper-growth business outcomes.

One-on-one coaching for company-wide impact

Unlike other programs, Lingo Live aligns the coaching experience to your organization’s needs. We kick off by asking what your company objectives are. Then our coaches make them a focal point of the learning experience for your team members.

Over the course of the six-month coaching program, we collect Skill Alignment feedback from learners’ managers, colleagues and direct reports to make sure your team is on-track to deliver the results you want.

Step 1

You choose the company goals we focus on

You decide which company objectives the coaching should serve, from “pushing initiatives through the business faster” to “decreasing errors in my team’s product log.”

Step 2

Your team co-creates goals with their coaches

Your team members set personal goals related to your company objectives. Along the way, they develop skills like Self-Awareness, Having Difficult Conversations, Speaking Clearly & Concisely, and Focusing on Execution.

Step 3

We collect feedback to create alignment

We ask learners to pick 2–5 Insight Providers—including their manager—to weigh in on the growth opportunities they should focus on during their coaching experience, and to track whether or not they’ve seen progress in those areas at the midpoint and the end of the program. We share their feedback with you on your customer dashboard and provide additional color during Quarterly Business Review meetings. Learn more here.

Step 4

We provide insights to demonstrate impact

We distill key insights from your team’s data and share them with you during Quarterly Business Review meetings. That way, you can assess whether you’re getting the results you want, and we can adjust the program accordingly.

Our coaching track record


of managers have noticed improvement in reports


Lingo Live experience coach satisfaction rating


of learners applied their learning by session three


total sessions delivered

Our Product Experience

Launch with ease

Launch with ease

Send your team our sign-up link, and they can book their first session in minutes.

Track progress at a glance

Track progress at a glance

Monitor behavior change metrics anytime on your dynamic dashboard.

Measure organizational impact

Measure organizational impact

Find out how coaching has improved your outcomes with Skill Alignment feedback.

Our Learner Experience

Easy scheduling

Easy scheduling

Your team connects with a coach for regular 45-minute videoconference sessions over the course of 18 weeks. 

Customized curriculum

Customized curriculum

Our coaches propel your team forward because they give them continuous feedback on relevant skills.

“Lingo Live was a back-and-forth conversation and my coach was able to tailor her approach to me at that time. Time was of great importance at a startup because things change very quickly. She was able to go really deep into the challenges I had, and how to be true to myself and what I need in my career.”

Patricia Granz
Lead Customer Experience Manager

An iterative cycle for better results

Learners apply new skills on-the-job as they continue to refine them.

Step 1

Pinpoint a Goal

Coach and learner work together to set a specific goal around an opportunity for professional growth.

Step 2

Identify Skills

Coach and learner determine the skills that will support the learner in making meaningful progress toward their goal.

Step 3

Practice In Session

The coach shares their subject matter expertise and creates space for the learner to find their authentic style.

Step 4

Practice at Work

Coach and learner find ways to practice skills on-the-job so the learner can start seeing impact where it matters most.

Step 5

Reflect & Refine

After practicing at work, learner and coach reflect on their progress and either set a new goal, or fine-tune their skills with a new cycle of learning.

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