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Lingo Live connects global employees and emerging leaders one-on-one with personal coaches who help them communicate with confidence through secure, online lessons.

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The problem we solve

Communication and leadership gaps really matter

Communication is at the heart of how great businesses succeed. And if your employees can’t communicate and lead authentically, you stand to lose millions through lost innovation, talent retention issues, and lost productivity.

The cost of communication barriers


How we solve this problem

We understand how communication skills drive effective teams

We help your team improve their performance and achieve their goals by developing communication and leadership styles that are authentic and inclusive in the workplace. They grow not only as individual contributors, but also as collaborators and leaders by cultivating their authentic voice.

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“Our team members working with Lingo Live are more confident, engaged in team meetings, and effective with their time. Managers have recognized the improvements in their work.”

Corina Kolbe
Senior Director Learning & Development
Zillow Group

How we help your team

We connect your team with expert coaches

We connect your team with expert coaches

Our coaches are knowledgeable about linguistics and learning theory. They have classroom and industry-relevant work experience. And because of their close relationships with their coaches, learners feel safe making mistakes and trying new things. As a result, they stick with the program and achieve their goals.

We offer each team member convenient one-on-one lessons

We offer each team member convenient one-on-one lessons

Lingo Live is easy to implement and easy to use. Team members sign up on our online platform in minutes and find coaches available to teach lessons at any time that suits their schedule and time zone. And if one team member drops out, you can reassign their lessons to another one, no questions asked.

We help your team hone skills that advance their careers

We help your team hone skills that advance their careers

Unlike a simple language app, our coaches customize lessons to their learner’s goals and in-the-moment needs, from running an agile scrum to delivering a crowd-pleasing presentation. Lesson content is situated in workplace-relevant roleplaying activities and real-world assignments.

A global workforce needs a common language

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