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You hire based on "fit," talk about inclusion on your website, and offer great perks. But culture also means ensuring that everyone - regardless of background - has the tools they need to be at their best. With Lingo Live's customized communication coaching program, you can empower your engineering team to confidently contribute and achieve your company's most ambitious goals.

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We help tech companies harness their full potential.

“Communication skills affect our confidence and credibility. Language can be a barrier for many employees who want to grow into executive roles which require interaction with internal and external stakeholders. Lingo Live removes this block and helps people get to the next step in their careers.”

– Heather Ramirez
Director of HR, Roku

Why We Exist

It all started with language lessons over Skype. Our Founder & CEO, Tyler Muse, learned Spanish that way from a woman named Kathe. Today, we apply the same driving force – connecting people through learning – to the modern workplace. Our goal: dismantle the language and communication-based gaps that stand in the way of tech companies’ authenticity and growth.

We exist to inspire true collaboration, confident contributions, and meaningful inclusion
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    True Collaboration

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    Confident Contributions

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    Meaningful Inclusion

“We have incredibly talented engineers who work together to build innovative, superior products. Lingo Live is a key partner in unlocking the full potential of our technical talent by helping us remove our only significant barrier to success: language gaps.”

– Pat Poels
VP of Engineering, Eventbrite

What Makes Us

Most tech professionals at U.S. based companies speak English. That’s how they got hired in the first place. But to reach their full potential, they need more than that. Our expert coaches place learning in a real-world context, empowering learners at companies such as Eventbrite, Google and Outbrain to achieve career milestones – from running an agile stand-up meeting to nailing their annual review. It’s true personalization at scale.

Our expert coaches are what makes us different

“Since starting Lingo Live lessons, Peng has become a lot more confident. He opens up in meetings to discuss and debate the topics at-hand, which helps the dynamic of the team.”

– Rajesh
Engineering Manager

Who We Work With

We provide communication coaching to some of today’s most dynamic tech companies. We partner with L&D leaders to define program goals and easily deploy at scale, and then work closely with managers and learners to provide ongoing guidance and support. Here is a selection of our incredible clients.