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Lingo Live language and communication coaching empowers engineers to advance their careers, managers to improve productivity, and L&D leaders to attract and retain the best talent. We create impact within weeks and improvement year over year.

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We help tech companies harness their full potential.

Why We Exist

It all started with language lessons over Skype. Our Founder & CEO, Tyler Muse, learned Spanish that way from a woman named Kathe. Today, we apply the same driving force – connecting people through learning – to the modern workplace. Our goal: dismantle the language and communication-based gaps that stand in the way of tech companies’ authenticity and growth.

We exist to inspire true collaboration, confident contributions, and meaningful inclusion
  • True collaboration illustration

    True Collaboration

  • Confident contributions illustration

    Confident Contributions

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    Meaningful Inclusion

“We have incredibly talented engineers who work together to build innovative, superior products. Lingo Live is a key partner in unlocking the full potential of our technical talent by helping us remove our only significant barrier to success: language gaps.”

– Pat Poels
VP of Engineering, Eventbrite

What Makes Us

  • 1.Expert coaches who know exactly what learners need
  • 2.Learner Success Managers to guide the way and offer support
  • 3.Convenient online scheduling for busy professionals
  • 4.Transformative approach with dramatic gains
  • 5.Customer Success Managers who tailor to your needs
We help tech companies harness their full potential.

“Since starting Lingo Live lessons, Peng has become a lot more confident. He opens up in meetings to discuss and debate the topics at-hand, which helps the dynamic of the team.”

– Rajesh
Engineering Manager

When we all belong, we all thrive

We provide communication coaching to some of today’s most dynamic tech companies. We partner with L&D leaders to define program goals and easily deploy at scale, and then work closely with managers and learners to provide ongoing guidance and support. Here is a selection of our incredible clients.