Empower your workforce to reach new heights

Transform your workforce with our dynamic Skills-Based Coaching and Applied Learning approach! Our proprietary framework and flexible Skills Catalogs deliver high-quality programs and measurable results aligned with your company culture and individual goals.

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Coaching that is within reach for every employee

By offering comprehensive coaching programs that cater to both individuals and groups, as well as tailored programs for employees who speak English as a second language (ESL), we can empower all employees to take on leadership roles and inspire others.

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Individual coaching

1:1 coaching sessions to identify individual strengths, overcome weaknesses, and develop a customized action plan for success.

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Group coaching

Collaborative group coaching for learning, problem-solving, and goal achievement with peer support, accountability, and expert guidance.

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Language coaching

1:1 language coaching to improve communication, clarity, and collaboration between multilingual business professionals and their colleagues.

Custom coaching programs with tangible results

Custom program design

Programs built from our proprietary framework and Skills Catalogs that align with your company goals and initiatives.

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GGC Leadership Program
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A unified platform for visibility and measurement

A unified platform for visibility and measurement

Build, manage, and measure with ease. Centralize oversight, enhance engagement, and get intelligent cohort and individual data for program success.

A community of
exceptional coaches

Our coaches hold ICF accreditation and/or Masters and PhDs, with 5+ years of coaching and corporate leadership experience.

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A community of  exceptional coaches


of coachees have major skill improvements


of their managers report improvements


applied learning by session three

Our customers see results across key business drivers

Lingo Live coaching sessions

Lingo Live helps organizations drive innovation and revenue by improving employee engagement and retention through Skills-Based Coaching. We help you empower leaders to contribute their unique potential in the workplace, allowing them to drive success across teams and organization-wide. We do this by creating custom coaching programs and mapping our Skills Catalog to the needs of your L&D team’s unique program design. Our Applied Learning model ensures each coachee up-levels their skills in the workplace to achieve tangible behavior change. 

Step 1
Pinpoint a Goal

Coach and learner work together to set a specific goal around an opportunity for professional growth.


Step 2
Identify Skills

Coach and learner determine the skills that will support the learner in making meaningful progress toward their goal.


Step 3
Practice In Session

The coach shares their subject matter expertise and creates space for the learner to find their authentic style.


Step 4
Practice at Work

Coach and learner find ways to practice skills on-the-job so the learner can start seeing impact where it matters most.


Step 5
Reflect & Refine

After practicing at work, learner and coach reflect on their progress and either set a new goal, or fine-tune their skills with a new cycle of learning.


Get results with Lingo Live

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