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Lingo Live solves communication challenges for engineering and product team members
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live one-on-one personalized language coaching through videoconference.


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Professional teachers trained to work on language and workplace activites with tech professionals.
Onboard your global employees in a matter of clicks and give them the flexibility to take lessons whenever it is most convenient.
Personalized Lessons
Hyper-customized task-based lessons focus on each student's individual workplace challenges

Case Study: Lingo Live and Eventbrite

"The fact that Lingo Live can meet our users where they are is so valuable. Especially when you compare that to the classroom model where, so often, you can get folks churning out just because they can't make that particular time fit their schedule."

Eventbrite Durand Duin, Head of Talent and Learning, Eventbrite

How we can help



For non-native speakers, participation in meetings is difficult with the window of opportunity for interjecting to defend their position or express a new idea passing very quickly.

“I don’t have a problem with ideas, I have a problem with expression.”

— ESL for Engineers Course Student

Improving comprehension and speaking-confidence increases meeting participation and improves moral.


Company Culture

Those working in their non-native language often feel left out of their workplace community. They are frequently perceived as shy or disinterested due to their lack of participation.

"Lessons help build trust and create a safe environment for them to ask questions about confusing cultural practices that will help them feel more comfortable communicating at work.”

—Lingo Live English Coach

Cultural and language training allows students to feel comfortable integrating into the community and improves engagement.


Upward Mobility

Effective communication is key for those in leadership roles. Communication challenges often prevent otherwise qualified employees from entering a leadership track.

93% of Lingo Live ESL Students in the US said they feel their English Capabilities held them back from a promotion

Lingo Live students learn how to express themselves fully and influence in their non-native language to allow employees to reach their full potential and increases the talent pipeline.


A live coach at your fingertips

Lingo Live can onboard your entire global operation automatically. Employees are registered, approved, and activated in a matter of seconds.


Transparent Results

Measure progress and engagement across your organization through our Bird's Eye View™ Dashboard tool. View how many lessons your employees are taking, where they are located, and how those lessons are leading to real progress relevant to your organization.

Our online platform gives students the benefit of live instruction at less than half the cost of in-house training.