Case Study

Accelerating innovation

Big Commerce partnered with Lingo Live to uplevel the skills of team managers, high-potentials and cross-functional team leads. They also integrated us globally, showcasing how leadership development coaching can be incorporated for success across teams in different countries with diverse cultures and languages.

Big Commerce Case Study

The Company

BigCommerce founded in Sydney, Australia in 2009 provides software to businesses that helps them set up and manage online and mobile stores, and handle payments and currency conversions. BigCommerce currently has over 1000 employees and serves over 60,000 online stores in 120 countries. Since the company is global and teams work together across offices, it is imperative that they can collaborate effectively.

Big Commerce Company

The Challenge

BigCommerce came to Lingo Live because they noticed increasing complexity with teams working together across time zones and among cross-cultures. They also felt managers and those leading cross-functional teams could benefit from improving their leadership skills because many managers and team leads were inexperienced. This was causing communication problems and decreased productivity.

Big Commerce The Challenge

The Solution

Lingo Live met with the L&D team at BigCommerce to better understand their goals and develop programs to improve leadership and communication skills and collaboration among teams across cultures and time zones.

Lingo Live focused on the needs of three use cases across three geographical areas. For managers based in the United States and Australia, skills focused on building confidence and self-awareness, having difficult conversations, and avoiding team burnout. High-potentials located in Eastern Europe learned to better express their ideas, advocate for themselves and develop greater English proficiency. Team leads from the United States and Australia upskilled their ability to be more assertive and push initiatives through the business faster.


Big Commerce the Solution

The Outcomes


of managers noticed improvement in their reports


of leaders say Lingo Live helped them achive career milestones


average cost savings to our customers in reduced turnover

Behavior change in action

People manager

People manager

“Because of the introspective emotional intelligence work, I have begun to understand my own leadership style.”

Engineering Manager, Bay area

High potential

High potential

“I’ve learned how to communicate across cultural boundaries, adapt to different communication styles, and express my opinions tactfully.”

Software Engineer, Kiev

Team lead

Team lead

“I’m able to contribute in the moment, and achieve consensus with coworkers. I learned a mix of theory and practice skills.”

Product Lead, Australia

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