Case Study

Leading through growing pains

The L&D team at Auth0 brought on Lingo Live because they were growing fast and they wanted to invest in their new managers. Lingo Live coaches helped those managers get the best from their teams, and take ownership of their own career journeys.

Auth0 Case Study

The Company

The L&D team at Auth0 had already run a successful manager training program and they wanted to follow it up with one-on-one coaching to help managers refine their soft skills toolkit and work through new challenges with subject matter experts in real-time. They were considering Lingo Live as well as a license-based coaching program, and they decided to run both programs in a side-by-side pilot and see which one got the best results.

Leadership Case Study

The Challenge

Auth0 managers wanted help with critical leadership skills like giving actionable feedback, guiding career growth, fostering recognition, and handling under-performance. Luckily, our coaches are experts in all of these skills, and they have specific experience with hyper-growth transitions. As a result, Auth0 managers trusted them and were vulnerable with them, which led to deeper conversations and better results.

Leadership Case Study

The Solution

In the end, the Auth0 team chose Lingo Live over the other coaching provider, and here’s why: better engagement, more structure and rigor, better alignment with company goals, better results on-the-job, and easier scalability. Three months in, the Lingo Live cohort had 23 active learners out of 25, compared to 12 out of 35 for the other coaching provider. The Lingo Live learners chose goals related to company goals and focused on relevant skills. When the 360 feedback came in, it was clear those choices had paid off. And because of the high engagement and low price per session, the L&D team could consider offering coaching to more people.

Leadership Case Study

The Future

Over the course of the pilot, Auth0 was acquired by Okta. In September of 2021, the L&D team rolled out Lingo Live coaching to 115 new managers who will continue the coaching through August of 2022. They are now working toward goals like “become a data-driven storyteller and coach my team to do the same,” “develop leadership through influence rather than authority,” and “cultivate a strengths-based team rooted in stability, compassion, hope and trust.” Once we demonstrate the same high engagement, participant satisfaction, and team-wide results, we can only guess where our partnership will go from there.

Leadership Case Study

“There are three factors that made Lingo Live a standout experience for us. One was the fungibility of sessions. We were able to allocate sessions to maximizers of the program. Two was the program structure. People were incentivized to meet regularly with their coaches and keep making progress. Three was flexibility. The coaches encouraged consistency, but were also flexible when people needed a break.”

Kara Heinrichs
Senior Program Manager, Learning & Development

“Healthy collaboration and building strong relationships are key to our work. The better you do those two things, the more fertile the ground you’re working on. Katie’s deliberate work on these topics is showing up in her work with others—and I am grateful.”

Natalie Hausia-Haugen
Katie's Manager

“Katie has become one of my favorite people to interact with. Her advice is thoughtful and empathetic, and it makes me reconsider my approach without making me second-guess myself. She always empowers and supports me. It has a huge impact on my work and my life.”

Lisa Semerdjian
Katie’s Colleague

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Jim has done an excellent job of coaching his team members and encouraging their development. One of his direct reports just finished a career development workshop based on Jim’s nomination. It’s wonderful to see Jim helping his team succeed.

Kara Heinrichs
Jim's Colleague

“Jim is an amazing team player who takes on initiatives and drives them forward. On one project, he pushed the team to improve our approach which allowed us to show managers how to get better results using the data we collected.”

Michael Sparkes
Jim's Colleague

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