Sell leadership coaching into your company in three steps

People have become the top strategic priority for most organizations. In the past decade, it became clear that the rate of organizational change was increasing and that organizations that invest in their people have an advantage.

Organizations have realized that people are the cornerstone to success and that a significant shift in business strategy is in order to reskill, upskill and engage employees to support the future of work.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop learning program goals in line with the business strategy
  • Find an internal champion for your skills-based coaching program
  • Target and engage with high potential coachees

How to demonstrate the value of coaching to company stakeholders

Gallup estimates that managers account for 70% of the variance in team engagement and have a strong influence on employee wellbeing, noting “employees don’t leave companies – they leave managers.” And yet, Gallup data also reveals that only one in three managers have had opportunities to learn and grow in the past year.

Further, insight suggests that transactional “quick fix” training is ineffective, lacking the tie to either real-world applications and/or business performance.

In a Brandon Hall Group Benchmark Report that examined the use and effectiveness of various workplace training modalities, coaching and mentoring were rated as the most effective, ranking higher than more than twenty other forms of training. Coaching is proven to accelerate development of job-specific skills, improve team effectiveness, and to support employees during transitions.

External coaches can help create a customized program designed specifically to address business outcomes and leadership development goals, providing coaching to help coachees pinpoint goals and practice skills in real-life work situations, all measured and tracked for accountability.

Sell Leadership Coaching Into Your Company

Learn how sell leadership coaching into your company!