Human connection drives Lingo Live

Through personal, online language coaching, we empower people to contribute their unique potential to the workplace and foster meaningful human connection.

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What We Do

We empower people to do their best work

Our personal online language and communication coaching helps multilingual professionals communicate with confidence. As we help individual employees to achieve their goals, we also help make their companies more productive and inclusive.

What We Believe

We believe people and companies benefit from authentic voice

People make their most meaningful contributions when they are free to communicate in a way that feels true to who they are. We coach people to communicate not only effectively, but authentically.

“How we understand the world and how the world understands us is mediated through language and interaction. That’s why it’s so important to focus on evolving our skills and confidence as communicators so that we have the power to interpret the communication of others accurately and express ourselves with intentionality.”

Jesse Abing, PhD
Chief Learning Officer
Lingo Live

How Lingo Live began

While working on a deal in Mexico as an analyst at GE, Tyler Muse realized his high school Spanish wasn’t going to cut it. But his schedule was too busy for in-person classes and the e-learning programs he tried weren’t working for him. So he responded to a Craigslist ad for Skype lessons posted by Kathe Solares, a teacher in Guatemala.

As Tyler’s relationship—and friendship—with Kathe grew, he became fluent in Spanish. Suddenly, he found he could confidently express himself in groups of native speakers. He wondered why there wasn’t already an online language program based on one-on-one relationships that foster meaningful human connection. And in 2012, he created Lingo Live.

Photo: Kathe Solares and Tyler Muse at a family event

Work With Us

Full-time positions

Do you value lifelong learning? Do you care about forging meaningful human connections? If so, you might just be a great fit for our team. We are a distributed global workforce with an office in San Francisco.

Coach positions

Are you a communication expert who wants to empower people to speak in their authentic voice? If so, you might make a great coach.

Leadership Team

Tyler Muse

Tyler Muse

Founder & CEO

Tyler is passionate about bringing the world closer together through meaningful human connections. Prior to starting Lingo Live, he co-founded a mentorship program based for multilingual youth in New York City and worked as an analyst for GE Energy Financial Services. His team underwrote power project finance opportunities in emerging markets.

Mike Giordani

Mike Giordani

Co-Founder & Chief of Staff

Mike is inspired by Lingo Live’s vision to create a world where everyone can contribute and succeed regardless of their linguistic or cultural background. Previously, Mike launched several project including Eludico, which turns the news into language lessons; Inkin, which connects writers & publishers and Informativo 2000, a local newspaper.

Jesse Abing, PhD

Jesse Abing, PhD

Chief Learning Officer

Jesse holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin’s Second Language Acquisition in the Hispanic Linguistics program, focusing on the use of technology to facilitate socially-situated interaction for the holistic development of speakers of foreign and heritage languages. His research focuses on Spanish heritage language learners from Texas. He is also a language instructor.

Renette Flippo

Renette Flippo

VP of Marketing

Renette was the first VP Marketing at Clever, Tradeshift, Livebookings, and numerous other startups. She has global experience across Asia Pacific, Europe and the US specializing in helping tech startups grow and building marketing organizations from the ground up. She is passionate about disrupting markets and building brand awareness via messaging, positioning, and PR.



Who is eligible to take Lingo Live lessons? +

Lingo Live lessons are available to any employee. We specialize in non-native speakers, engineers, and distributed teams, but offer tailored, one-on-one, customized lessons for employees at any level, no matter their fluency or expertise.

Do you offer lessons for job seekers? +

Currently, Lingo Live is not available for individual purchase.

What languages do you offer? +

We specialize in business and casual English for multilingual speakers. We also have a limited number of coaches available who specialize in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, German, Japanese and American Sign Language.

How frequently should learners take lessons? +

We recommend taking three lessons per week and showing up to each lesson prepared and ready to work in order to maximize progress. As with any training program, learners see the best results when they are proactive and take responsibility for their own development.

How can learners set themselves up for success? +

These are our top recommendations to learners to help them get the most out of their coaching sessions:

  • Identify relevant tasks with your coach (tasks that relate to your current day-to-day work environment or future projects)
  • Meet with your coach consistently
  • Give your coach feedback on your sessions so she can adjust if necessary
  • Bring in projects, reports, emails and resources from your job to work on with your coach
  • Let your manager know what you want to focus on so they’re aware and can give you more opportunities to do that in your day-to-day work
  • Ask for feedback from your friends at work, team members and your manager

Is there a syllabus or a textbook? +

No. Learners build a learning plan based on real-world tasks they choose and prioritize with their coach. This customizes their learning program to their goals, instead of committing the, to a predetermined curriculum that might not fit their needs.

How do learners know if they're making progress? +

We survey learners periodically and also conduct manager check-ins to get feedback on the learners progress.

Where do the lessons take place? +

All lessons take place over videoconference on the Interactive Classroom on the Lingo Live app, or over Skype or Google hangouts, according to learner preference.

What can learners talk to their coaches about? +

Anything. All of our coaches have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, so learners are free to work on real, professional projects in their lessons.

When can learners take lessons? +

We have coaches all over the world in many time zones. The only restriction on scheduling is the availability of the coaches who are experts in the specific skill focus area a learner wants to work on.

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