Feb 08, 2017

How to deliver an engaging and confident presentation

Whether delivering a presentation to your team of 5 or a room of 500, engaging your audience requires more than an interesting topic. Effectively captivating an audience is a challenge that is amplified when using a non-native language. Learn how to get the most out of your presentation with this on-demand webinar. It will go through our best tips and tricks to becoming a confident and compelling public speaker in English, including:

  • The essentials of giving an enthusiastic delivery
  • Effective use of rhetorical questions and repetition
  • How to create a compelling Teaser Text and conclusion

Steven Serrano offers over 15 years of experience as a public speaker, having delivered hundreds of speeches in four different languages all across the globe. His audiences range from thousands of professionals in a formal auditorium, to a group of inmates in a maximum security prison, to villagers gathered under a mango tree. For over a decade, his method has helped many native and non-native English speakers become confident and effective public speakers.


– Steven Serrano, Communication Coach


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