Our one-on-one language and communication coaching puts big dreams within reach.

Our coaches help learners hone the English language and communication skills they need to become rockstars at their jobs and take off in their careers – from running an agile scrum to delivering a crowd-pleasing presentation. In the meantime, our Learner Success Managers help them stay on track with customized roadmaps and personal support.

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Onboarding is easy.

Because of our light-weight online platform, our learning program can be deployed quickly and easily to teams of any size and learners in any location. When learners sign up, they are paired with an expert coach within minutes.

You'll see real results.

Coaches simulate real-world situations during lessons and assign action steps to try out on the job. As a result, workplace performance improves from the get-go, and our hands-on support ensures that momentum continues.

Our platform makes learning (and managing) easier.

Our matching algorithm pairs learners with expert coaches who specialize in the exact language and communication skills they want to develop – be it pronunciation skills, presentation skills and or a range of others. In addition, our Bird’s Eye View™ Dashboard keeps managers in the loop so they can track of progress and celebrate learner successes.

Choose freeform…

Learners can choose to work with their coach to set specific performance goals and chart a path to achieve them. These goals typically evolve and grow over time, and they can adapt lesson plans to reflect that. If a learner wants to focus intensely on one skill for a short period of time, she can sign up for a 6-lesson mini course or 12-lesson skill course – and then return to her original coach after the course is over.

or structured learning.

Mini-courses provide an intensive introduction to a specialized skill in just 6 lessons. Twelve-lesson skills courses are designed to create behavioral change through real-world practice. Coaches assign learners action steps – like asking a question in a meeting – and then talk about their experience afterwards so they can address stumbling blocks and continue to refine their skills.

Our qualified coaches go above and beyond.

Our coaches have an average of 5 years of teaching experience and 5 years of work experience in industries relevant to our learners. Some have TOEFLs, some have PhDs. All light up the screen and invest fully in their learners.

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Here's a snapshot of the learning process.

  • Yu is in a meeting. He has a great idea, but before he can figure out how to phrase it, the topic changes. Afterwards, his manager says he’d like to hear him speak up more.
  • Yu starts taking online lessons with Ann. After he shares his short and long-term goals with her, they decide to start by focusing on how to give a great presentation.
  • Ann and Yu practice one-on-one, where he doesn’t have to worry about making mistakes. He gains confidence while she corrects his pronunciation and explains idioms along the way.
  • Yu goes to another meeting, and again has a great idea. This time, he presents a project update, using a phrase Ann taught him to express an idea succinctly. His manager smiles.
  • Yu tells Ann that he feels more confident at work and he’s excited to collaborate with his team. She congratulates him and recommends another relevant task tied to group presentations.
  • Because they are getting to know each other better, Yu begins to trust Ann more. When she tells him she thinks he's ready to try his hand at presenting at a big conference, he decides to go for it.

Better language and communication matter.

  • 90% of managers in a recent pilot saw a direct impact on job performance
  • 87% of learners feel the program is a valuable use of their time
  • 85% of learners find the coursework relevant to their career growth