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Feb 07, 2017

Pronouncing Key Engineering Terms with Susan Ryan

An informative video about the American pronunciation of terms software engineers use everyday

Spend 30 minutes learning strategies to master your American pronunciation of key software engineering terms. Learn tactics to practice speaking with a pace that sounds clear to the native ear and stop having to constantly repeat yourself in the workplace.

This video teaches begins discussing the skills about:

  • How to articulate engineering terms in clear American English.
  • The types of words that cause the most confusion and why.
  • Where to stress the syllables in common terms and why it’s important.

Susan Ryan is an American accent specialist and communication coach at ConfidentVoice.com. She is the author of the American Accent Fundamentals iBook and creator of many popular online courses for international professionals including the American Accent for IT Professionals course on Udemy. Since 2007, Susan has helped hundreds of highly skilled foreign professionals speak American English clearly and confidently. She holds a Master’s Degree in teaching English as a Second Language to Adults. Susan looks forward to teaching and partnering with you to achieve your communication goals.

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– Susan Ryan, American Accent Specialist