Breaking the Doom Loop with Skills-Based Coaching

Webinar with Roberto Ortiz, Co-Founder & CEO at Welcome

In this panel, Lingo Live CEO, Tyler Muse, and Welcome Co-Founder & CEO, Roberto Ortiz, discuss how skills-based coaching is the best way to create great managers, build more productive teams and enhance company culture.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The doom loop. What happens when you don’t invest in coaching
  • Skills-Based coaching and how that differs from other methodologies
  • The outcomes companies get when they do invest in upskilling their leaders

Breaking the "Doom Loop"

Workers are quitting their jobs in droves and bad bosses have a lot to do with it. MIT research found that the top reason people quit was due to a toxic workplace culture. They also found that culture impacted retention far more than wages – this negative “doom loop” is impacting personal well-being.

In this webinar you’ll learn more about how the “doom loop” might be impacting your organization’s personal well-being and steps you can take to address it.

About Welcome

Welcome powers jaw-dropping employee events that drive engagement and build culture for a distributed workforce. This includes company all-hands, employee onboardings, team-building activities, hackathons, and more. Leading companies like Zendesk, Intuit, Brex and the NBA leverage Welcome to engage their teams. Engage your employees and empower belonging with Welcome.

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Tyler Muse CEO and Founder Lingo Live

Tyler Muse

CEO & Founder, Lingo Live

Tyler is passionate about bringing the world closer together through meaningful human connections. As a leader, he experienced firsthand the transformative power of one-on-one coaching and built Lingo Live to marry the meaningful human connection of a private coach with the efficacy of skills-based development.

Prior to starting Lingo Live in 2012, Tyler co-founded an internationally-focused mentorship program based for multilingual youth in New York City and worked as an analyst for GE Energy Financial Services.

He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and two kids and when he’s not spending time with them, he enjoys boxing, hanging out with his extended family, and traveling.

Roberto Ortiz CEO

Roberto Ortiz

Co-Founder & CEO, Welcome

From inner city Philadelphia to the Silicon Valley, Roberto Ortiz sits at the intersection of design, tech, and diversity. After leading design teams at tech titans like Google and Yahoo!, Roberto is now the Co-founder and CEO at Welcome, the Ritz Carlton of virtual events. At Welcome he leverages the power of design to improve how people interact with technology, brands, and each other.

Learn how to break the "Doom Loop" in your organization!