Is Your Coaching Program Working?

How to Choose a Coaching Vendor and Measure Program Effectiveness

Organizations struggling with attrition, employee engagement and culture issues are prioritizing talent development and realizing significant business benefits by turning to coaching for both executives and individual contributors.

86% of organizations that have focused on employee coaching achieved a measurable return on investment. Choosing the right coaching vendor comes down to finding the best fit for your organization.

Here you’ll find the methodology and questions to choose the right coaching platform for your budget and specific business goals.

Download this guide to access:

  • Needs analysis framework
  • Questions for analyzing vendors
  • What coaching credentials are needed
  • How to measure whether your coaching program is working

Why successful companies invest in external coaching

Providing coaching opportunities to the entire employee base can empower, upskill and improve engagement and performance across the organizations.

While some organizations maintain a mentoring culture that encourages their own employees to act as internal coaches, many are seeing greater advantages by engaging external coaching providers that can act as objective partners, apply specialized expertise, and assure a standard approach across coaching experiences.

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) and ICF surveyed HR, learning and development and talent management professionals and found that more than 60% of the respondents saw that the ability to coach executives effectively was a specific advantage of external coaching.

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