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Cultivate great leaders to shape the future of your organization

Cultivating Leaders

In today’s work environment of radically shifting conditions, how do you keep your employees engaged, happy, and motivated?

In this webinar with Mike Giordani, Co-Founder at Lingo Live and Thomas Igeme, COO at Trybe.ai, learn how to build a strong talent development program that develops great leaders so you achieve your most challenging goals and shape the future of your organization. We’ll share best practices for identifying your high-potential employees and building a corporate culture of belonging that encourages development throughout your organization.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 biggest trends in talent development and what that means for today’s leaders
  • What the rise of AI, millennial managers, and personalized just-in-time learning means for leadership development
  • How to you understand and act on the role of ROI in leadership development


Mike Giordani BW

Mike Giordani


Mike has spent the last four years at Lingo Live partnering with and learning from our customers, some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations. He’s passionate about all things people and interested in creating more effective human-centric workplaces.

Content Image Thomas Igeme BW

Thomas Igeme


Thomas Igeme is passionate about people, teams and products. He started his career in academia, doing health economics research in sub-Saharan Africa then transitioned to management consulting with Boston Consulting Group, focused on organizational and people strategy for Fortune 100 companies. He spent four years at LinkedIn, where he led their Sales Innovation & Data Products Team, building tools to make sales managers data-driven coaches. He’s currently COO at Trybe.ai – using AI, voice and the science of habit building to help organizations unlock the potential of their leaders.

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