Ditching the imposter syndrome: what you can do to become more confident at work

Have you ever felt less than confident at work? You’re not alone. There are many reasons you can lack confidence at work. Research shows that 70% of people may suffer from imposter syndrome.* Imposter syndrome expresses itself as feelings of self-doubt even when you have experience, education and accomplishments. 

Unfortunately, this may lead to burnout because people work harder and longer as a means to feel more confident. Others hold back, refrain from sharing ideas, and limit their full potential. But what can you do to gain the self confidence already warranted by great achievements?

Join us for this session where Tatyana Krimgold, Transformational Life & Leadership Coach, and Alyssa Conley, Coach Experience & Engagement Specialist at Lingo Live, discuss the importance of confidence at work and practical steps you can apply to develop this skill. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What does confidence in the workplace look like?
  • Why confidence is important at work
  • How you can develop self-confidence at work
  • How coaching supports individuals to develop their self-confidence

*Psychology Today

Self-confidence is key to to succeeding in your career

Contrary to popular belief, self-confidence is not an inherent quality that cannot be changed. Anyone can get better at it with practice. Self-confidence is as much a skill as it is an outlook.

Employees that are self-confident are more content, effective, and perform better.

Not everyone is born with self-confidence, but it is crucial to success. If you feel it’s time to boost your self-confidence at work, join this webinar and learn tools to get on the right track.

Building Self Confidence Webinar


Tatyana Krimgold Transformational Life and Leadership Coach

Tatyana Krimgold

Transformational Life & Leadership Coach at Lingo Live

Tatyana Krimgold is a Transformational Life Coach for Leaders with an extensive background in personal and professional development and a passion of helping creators and entrepreneurs to live their dream lives with peace, ease & flow. In her time as a coach at Lingo Live she’s helped hundreds of coachees create powerful transformations of their own and make meaningful progress in their professional growth.

Tatyana spent the first part of her career studying and developing practices of yoga & meditation, and experiencing the deep, transformative process of coaching. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing and gained profound experiences living in New York, Berlin and Vietnam. She’s also a talented singer and has performed songs as part of electronic duo and as a solo project.

Alyssa Conley Head of Coaching Success

Alyssa Conley

Coach Experience & Engagement Specialist at Lingo Live

Alyssa Conley is a multilingual cultural anthropologist and sociologist.  She supports a globally distributed community of leadership and language coaches who represent over 20 nationalities.

Her approaches and insights are shaped by 3,500+ combined hours of teaching, coaching and management experience as well as 10+ combined years of living, traveling, and/or working in 18 different countries.  She is a Certified Professional Coach with an ICF accredited program and holds a TESOL certificate.

Boost your confidence and advance your career!