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How do you identify a good manager?

Moving From IC to Managment

Unlock the potential of your management team!

What makes a good manager?

We’ve all heard that “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit their managers.” That begs the question: why do so many companies still have so many lousy managers?

It comes down to two important things: we don’t value the right traits when we look for managers and we don’t train our managers to cultivate those traits. In this webinar, Mike Giordani, Co-Founder of Lingo Live, will highlight how to identify and foster managers that grow your company.

You’ll learn:

  • The three most important traits for a good manager
  • How to identify the ideal internal candidates for management positions
  • What the real cost of bad managers really is
  • How can managers support employees


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Mike Giordani


Mike has spent the last four years at Lingo Live partnering with and learning from our customers, some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations. He’s passionate about all things people and interested in creating more effective human-centric workplaces.

Unlock the potential of your management team!