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How to Build a Culture of Innovation that Gets Results from Employees

How to Build a Culture of InnovationThat Gets Results From Employees

You never know where the next Big Idea will come from.

It might be a pair of your best sales reps chatting over coffee, an idea that keeps your customer success up at night, or an engineer’s skunk works project.

And while great ideas can come from anywhere, when the light bulb turns on and one arises, you need to be able to capture it. But what happens when fear takes control and your employees are afraid to raise their hands and speak up?

The most successful companies in the world cultivate a culture of innovation. They understand how to create an environment where new and remarkable ideas not only arise but also where people feel empowered to share them. These are collaborative cultures, where free expression is valued and where the best ideas win.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to create a culture of innovation at your company. You’ll also learn:

  • How to encourage employees to work together to create major breakthroughs
  • How to create a safe environment that embraces vulnerability and belonging
  • How a personal touch and a little bit of empathy go a long way
  • And how leaning into culture-building can have a measurable effect on ROI
  • How to change company culture and improve culture and employee engagement


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Mike Giordani


Mike has spent the last four years at Lingo Live partnering with and learning from our customers, some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations. He’s passionate about all things people and interested in creating more effective human-centric workplaces.

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Julia Markish


Julia has been leading the Employee Practice at Medallia since its acquisition of HuddleUp, where she was Chief Customer Officer, in 2015. Her professional mission is to foster human connection across global organizations, helping leaders create connected, supportive, inspirational environments, resulting in organizational success and thriving teams.

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