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How to Fix the Leadership Development Gap

Q&A on Leadership with Slack

Behind every successful organization is a great team of leaders. But despite billions of dollars spent each year on leadership development programs most companies are still failing their next generation of emerging leaders. In fact, according to Gallup, 50% of attrition is due to poor managers––which makes that the biggest driver of employee disengagement.

So why are leadership development programs failing? And how can we fix it?

Tune in to this webinar as Jade Hanley, L&D Lead from Slack, shares reasons why traditional programs fail and how you and your team can keep your leadership development on track. You’ll also get actionable insights you need in order to:

  • Identify who should be a leader in the first place
  • What to do with great employees who might not be cut out for management


Alyssa Conley

Coach Experience & Engagement Specialist, Lingo Live

Jade Hanley

Organizational Effectiveness Partner, Slack

Fix the leadership gap in your organization!