Optimizing diverse teams with inclusive leadership

Co-authored by A. Allen, M. Ed, PhD, NYU, and A. Teare, M. Ed, M.OrgPsych, MCC, GPHR

North Americans are more racially and ethnically diverse than ever. Coupled with a dynamic social-political climate and growing movements around social justice (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Stop AAPI Hate, etc.), businesses are being charged with providing spaces that are not only diverse in makeup, but also inclusive, equitable, and safe for all groups, particularly underrepresented communities.

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  • The changing dynamics of leadership
  • The three guiding principles of inclusive leadership
  • How to build a culture of inclusion
  • The Lingo Live Inclusive Leaders Program

“When leaders are not inclusive in their approach, individuals are left to feel as though they can’t be their authentic selves in the workplace and this contributes to increases in turnover rates, cultures that lack creativity and innovation, and limited perspectives and ideas.”

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