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Why successful companies invest in their top talent and how to build a successful leadership development program.

Most people agree that the long-term success of an organization depends on the ability and performance of its leaders. Creating an organizational leadership development program from scratch is no mean feat. Learn how to easily build a program for your business.

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  • A step-by-step leadership development program framework for your organization
  • Project Charter Template
  • Competency Assessment Framework
  • Individual Development Plan Template
  • Project Plan Template

Why successful companies invest in their top talent

In these turbulent times, implementing a leadership development program can provide a foundation for continuity and future growth, and help organizations to achieve the four pillars of sustained success.

If you’re considering whether your organization needs to implement a structured program of leadership development, follow our practical guide.

In 15 clear steps, we’ll take you through the entire process.

From defining the strategic issues caused by gaps in leadership competencies, through the creation and implementation of the program, to measuring success and taking it to the next level.

Leadership Development Program Framework

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