Measuring the Business Impact of L&D Programs

Introducing the ODDITEE Framework: a new way to design and evaluate learning & development programs

While there are many established models to measure learning program effectiveness, they are commonly misunderstood and misapplied. If these models are implemented with missing steps or without consideration for the desired outcomes and appropriate evaluation metrics, they will fail to achieve or reflect the benefits of the training.

L&D leaders who want to earn a place at the strategic table and gain budget need to reposition the value of training in business terms. The new ODDITEE Framework will show you in practical, easy-to-understand language how to design, implement and grow learning and development programs that take an outcome-centric approach — specifically, business impact — so you can create meaningful change and measure quantifiable impacts on your business.

Download this whitepaper to understand:

  • The need for an outcome-centric approach to L&D programs
  • Traditional approaches to design and evaluation and their gaps
  • The ODDITEE Framework, a new model


Paving the way for a new model

Lingo Live created ODDITEE, a proprietary framework to help organizations plan, implement, measure and evolve skill-based learning programs. The ODDITEE Framework provides the practical and intuitive structure needed for organizations to define and drive outcomes at all four impact areas — engagement, learning, workplace behavior change and business impact — helping go beyond the “why” and dive straight into the “how.” The ODDITEE Framework is aligned around outcomes — not just as a first step, but as the basis of every step — and supported by continuous measurement that ensures the program meets the goals and objectives of the organization.

Apply the ODDITEE Framework to your L&P programs!