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Why D&I needs to be a part of your learning programs

Why D and I Needs to Be a Part of Your Learning Programs

What Should Diversity and Inclusion Actually Look Like?

Learning is inherently personal. We all do it differently. This is especially true for people from different cultures and different levels of fluency. After all, an engineer with tremendous technical chops but mediocre communication skills needs different learning opportunities than a great communicator who’s behind the curve technically. And that’s just one example. The question is: why are so many companies approaching learning & development as a one-size-fits-all problem?

As companies strive to create cohesive, collaborative, and engaging workplace environments, they need to make certain their learning solutions are impactful for all employees. That means focusing on situated, impact-based learning solutions that account for diversity and nuance. It means understanding that not only are your employees different people, but they also learn in their own individual ways and have their own struggles. It means ditching generic certificates and classes for entire teams and focusing instead on what makes your company successful in the first place: your colleagues.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Why your D&I initiatives aren’t working and how to raise the bar
  • How employee engagement and diversity are tied together
  • How to turn pervasive conflicts into learning opportunities
  • What DIY D&I is and how you can embrace it


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Jesse Abing


Jesse Abing, PhD is the Chief Learning Officer at Lingo Live, a language and communication coaching company helping tech professionals at multinational companies work better together.  He and his team are dedicated to fostering a global community of expert coaches and designing a learning program that leverages meaningful relationships and situates learning in real-world contexts. Additionally, Jesse is a passionate speaker and educator who aims to empower people to speak with their authentic voice and develop communities that foster workplace belonging, diversity and a culture of inclusiveness.

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