Skill Alignment

This new feature allows Lingo Leaders learners to collect feedback from their teams about what their strengths and growth opportunities are and whether they are noticing progress on-the-job.

Skill Alignment Hero

Why focus on alignment?

Our customers want to know that the skills their learners are working on in their coaching sessions are benefitting their teams and the organization as a whole, as well as serving the learner’s own personal career goals. The Skill Alignment feature ensures this team and company-wide benefit by collecting three rounds of feedback from 2-5 learner-selected Insight Providers, one of whom must be the learner’s manager, over the course of the coaching experience. This feedback gives learners and their valuable perspective on where the learner’s growth would make the greatest impact, and whether or not their team members are noticing progress in those areas, so they can adjust their focus and their approach as necessary.

Learner Registration

Strengths, growth opportunities, and Insight Providers

During registration, the learner selects their top three personal strengths and top three personal growth opportunities from the Lingo Leaders Skills Catalog. Then they choose 2-5 Insight Providers, including their manager, who will provide feedback to them throughout their coaching journey.

Strengths Skill Alignment Feature

Initial, Midpoint & Endpoint Surveys

Insight Provider feedback

The Insight Providers receive an initial survey where they choose the learner’s top strengths and growth opportunities from their perspective. At the midpoint and near the end of the program, they receive two more surveys where they record whether they’ve seen the learner make progress in the growth opportunities, and whether that progress contributed to business outcomes. We encourage them to meet with the learner one-on-one after each survey to discuss their feedback.

Skill Alignment Feature

Tracking Progress

The Skill Progress Page

After each Insight Provider survey is submitted, the learner is notified that the new feedback is available on their Skill Progress page. This page houses all Insight Provider feedback, as well as the learner’s self-assessment from the registration process. The Insight Provider strength and growth opportunity selection are ranked according the number of Insight Providers who chose them to help the learner evaluate which skills deserve the most attention. We encourage the learner to meet with each Insight Provider one-on-one to discuss their feedback after they submit it.

Skill Progress Page

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