Dec 16, 2017

Speaking with confidence

I am both a coach and a learner at Lingo Live and I assume a very different mindset for both of those roles. As a coach I am calm and understanding. As a learner, I can be insecure and self-judgemental. Here are some examples of what I’m thinking when I’m a coach versus when I’m a learner.


1.) First Day of Class

Coach Tracey – I’m super excited to meet my new learner.

Learner Tracey – I didn’t practice enough before this. How can I communicate my inability to communicate if I can’t communicate that to my coach?


2.) Correcting Grammar

Coach Tracey – We all make mistakes. I’m just impressed that my learner was brave enough to try a new grammar pattern. You’ll never learn if you don’t speak up!

Learner Tracey – I messed up! I don’t sound like a native speaker. I’m dooooooooomed!


3.) When Taking a Long Pause to form a Sentence

Coach Tracey – Take your time. You can do it!

Learner Tracey – omg omg omg. This is taking way too long! Shouldn’t I be thinking about the sentence? Focus on the sentence, Tracey!


4.) When Asking to Repeat the Question

Coach Tracey – Ask as many times as you need. This is your time and it’s a great opportunity to get comfortable with the pacing and structure of the question.

Learner Tracey – You can’t ask her a third time! Just smile and nod.


5.) On Progress

Coach Tracey – As long as you keep trying, you’ll see progress .

Learner Tracey – Just relax! Deep breath. As long as I keep trying, I’ll see progress.


Sometimes, having the confidence to speak out is the hardest part. That’s why I created the Speaking on the Fly course for our Learner Summit. (You can watch it on-demand here.) The goal for learners is to speak without over-thinking or self-criticizing. Over time, things will feel more comfortable, even if you’re a big ball of nerves like Learner Tracey.

The point is, I understand some of the struggles a learner may go through. I’ve been there. I’m there now! But, your coach is rooting for you. And, if you keep putting in the effort, you will see a payoff.


-Tracey Gordon, Lingo Live Coach and Learner

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