Nov 15, 2017

10 scientific facts we learned at Dreamforce

1. It’s a great team-building exercise. Running a successful booth and hosting a Science Lab proved that our team is all about collaboration and “cross-functional” work (be it street teaming with bags full of astronaut ice cream giveaways or creating science-themed cocktail masterpieces).

Our team in lab coats at our Dreamforce Booth

2. It’s the best workout. Emi, our Marketing Manager, walked 59,532 steps during Dreamforce. Let’s multiply that by all our participating teammates… we should have had a competition.

3.Three large pizzas can disappear in 5 minutes. Don’t ask how! We just kept on ordering more.

Did you get a slice?

4. Our street team discovered the best ice cream pitch. They tested “Want to try something new today?” or “Do you want astronaut ice cream?” The latter won.


5. It isn’t poisonous to drink cocktails with dry ice in them. How do we know? We tested it on our team.


6. Lab coats and Galileo globes draw massive crowds to your Dreamforce booth.

7. CO2 becomes solid at -109.3° Fahrenheit. This is a conversation you could have overheard at our Science Lab.

Welcome to our Science Lab!

8. Strange things happen once you’ve handed out 2000 packs of astronaut ice cream. For example, the sentence “Would you like astronaut ice cream?” becomes a tongue twister.

Were you handed one of these on the streets?

9.Engineers like test-tube shaped PB&J sandwiches. We had no leftovers.

Have you ever eaten a test tube shaped sandwich?

10. The Lingo Live team is made up of crazy dancers. We owned the dance floor at the after parties we attended. Don’t believe it? We have proof.


— Emi Agg, Marketing Manager at Lingo Live

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