Jul 13, 2021

How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break

Taking a long break from work can be rewarding, even necessary at times, but going back to work after career break can be challenging. In our fast-paced environment, keeping up with new technologies and tools that are constantly being released is arduous even for seasoned professionals, as a recent article on Forbes explained:

For someone who’s been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, it can be challenging to re-enter your field. Whether you were busy raising kids, attaining a higher degree or recovering from an illness, you may have a few personal hurdles left to clear before you feel totally comfortable back in the workplace and ready to perform at a high level.

You might be worried your skills are rusty or feel anxious about the changes you will have to make to your résumé to attain a new job. However, there are some effective things you can do to help yourself get “back in the game.” Here, 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council shared their best advice for a professional looking to find their stride again after time away from work.

This advice come from highly successful professionals, including our very own Chief People & Coaching Officer Alexa Teare. Here’s her advice on how to restart your career after a break:

1. Take Time For Self-Reflection

View this as an exceptional opportunity to transition. Prior to making the foray back into the game, take the time and space for intentional self-reflection and discovery. Explore the following questions: What have I learned about myself? What capabilities have I bolstered? How can I layer on my experiences and articulate them clearly? Try to see this proverbial detour as another leg of the journey. – Alexa TeareLingo Live

Here’s a summary of the tips from the other experts on how to back to work after career break:

  1. Start With Volunteer Work
  2. Reframe Your View Of Current Circumstances
  3. Explain How The Absence Made You Better
  4. Analyze Your Real Needs
  5. Leverage All Of Your Networks
  6. Make Yourself Visible
  7. Work Your Personal Network
  8. Bring Your Skills, Behaviors And Knowledge Up To Date
  9. Reassess Your Personal Values, Goals And Priorities
  10. Tell Your Story With Your Résumé And Cover Letter
  11. Find And Leverage ‘Value-Added’ Nonprofit Projects
  12. Build LinkedIn Relationships In Advance
  13. Combine Past And Present Into A Story Of The Future

You can read the full description in the Forbes article here.

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