Oct 10, 2016

Aiding Twitter’s global expansion

The Challenges

The rapid growth into new markets created a new need for employees to be multilingual. As Nikki Koutoulas, Global Learning and Development Program Manager, explained, “Since we are becoming more and more of a global company it’s really important that we are able to communicate effectively with each other. It is vital to our company’s growth that someone who sits on one side of the world is able to have a conversation with someone who sits on the opposite side. Also, it’s equally as important that employees know the languages where our operations are based so we can effectively communicate with our customers.”

The Solution

Lingo Live provides highly personalized live one-on-one language coaching online to Twitter employees all over the world. One-on-one lessons provide a safe space for employees to gain confidence in their language skills.

Yu Shimizu, HRBP for Twitter APAC, says this is especially helpful in Japan where “English proficiency is limited and there is a cultural hesitation for employees to speak up when it’s likely they will make mistakes.” Experienced language coaches customize each lesson to directly address the real-world communication challenges that students are facing to build the
language skills they need in their day to day work and to grow in their careers. The Student Dashboard allows students to see the progress they are making over time and personalized feedback from their coach.

The Benefits

Employees report feeling more confident in their jobs and being able to better communicate and collaborate with colleagues and clients around the world. “I see this as a talent retention tool,” Shimizu says. “English proficiency is becoming more critical for career advancement around the world and providing this learning opportunity supports our employee’s career growth and build’s loyalty.”

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– Jenny Tannenbaum

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