Jul 25, 2019

Download our 2019 State of learning report

Here at Lingo Live, we have a lot of opinions about what makes a good learning and development (L&D) program. And if you’re reading this blog, we expect you might have a few ideas of your own. That said, the thing we should all remember is that large-scale L&D is a fairly new thing. Just two or three years ago, these programs were mostly confined to gigantic organizations with budgets to match, companies with regulatory requirements for training, and a smattering of forward-looking small- or medium-sized businesses.

That’s changed. A recent LinkedIn survey found that while just two years, nearly half of HR and L&D leaders cited budget restraints as their biggest challenge, that number is down to 25% now. Organizations are freeing up money and resources for L&D and, with employees overwhelmingly reporting that they’re more likely to stay at a job if their employer invests in their career, that trend figures to continue.

With L&D programs catching on at this rate, we’re both excited and curious. And that curiosity led us to partner with HR.com for a report on the state of the industry today and tomorrow.

We surveyed upwards of 400 HR and L&D professionals to find out where we are in 2019 and where we’ll be going in the next three years. We learned a lot about:

  • The state of metrics and data in L&D and why it’s likely going to change

  • What organizations actually want out of their L&D programs

  • The key drivers for success today

  • How L&D programs will be changing by 2022

  • And a whole lot more

Interested in reading? We thought so! The report is hot off the presses (in PDF form, admittedly) and is free to download here. Check it out and let us know what you think!



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