Sep 07, 2017

Impacting career growth with Lingo Live

We often talk about how our learning program at Lingo Live headquarters affects tech and software professionals because, that’s like, our job. However, an even more intriguing dynamic is the effect that working with thousands of multinational learners has on us. Though we haven’t met most of our learners personally, the investment into their communication and career journeys runs deep: their struggles are our struggles and their successes are our triumphs.

This relationship also expands our mindsets and challenges us to practice what we preach: striving to create a diverse, inclusive and healthy company culture. Working with learners around the world also drives our desires to continue developing our learning and communication skills.

Several of us are coaches, as well.

We love working with our learners so much that several members of the Lingo Live  team continue their work as coacheseven after they’ve begun working for HQ. It is common for learners and coaches to develop a bond while embarking on the learner’s communication journey. Coaches working for Lingo Live corporate often continued with their learners to help them make progress in their career path, and celebrate their professional and personal successes.

And those of us who don’t coach, learn! The most authentic way to understand our coaches and learners is to engage in Lingo Live’s program. We take lessons in Spanish, Japanese, French, and communication courses ranging from self-advocacy to writing to leadership.  Kristin, our Marketing Director, is taking a course in Self-Advocacy so that she is more comfortable asking her boss for well-deserved vacation time. Christian, a member of our Customer Success team, is currently taking a mini-course on emotional intelligence so that he can fine tune his abilities to understand and communicate better with our customers.

Lingo Live is as invested in our own employees’ learning and communication journeys as we are in our customers!

And just a head’s up—it’s an amazing experience!


Crystal Abing, Learning and Marketing Specialist at Lingo Live


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