Apr 23, 2018

Lingo Live unveils its first Interactive Classroom!

With active learners in 32 countries currently using the Lingo Live learning platform to improve their workplace communication skills, Lingo Live has announced general availability of its new Interactive Classroom. This new learning environment gives learners and coaches an easier way to virtually connect for lessons, as well as providing them with a more collaborative way to share lesson materials. In addition to the high-quality one-on-one virtual coaching that learners have come to expect from Lingo Live, the new Interactive Classroom has additional features including text chat history, higher quality video, supporting messaging, secure classroom entry authentication and manual outbound bandwidth control to ensure the highest quality video experience during lessons.

Want to learn more about the new Interactive Classroom? Please take a look at this great video clip!

“The Interactive Classroom completely widens our technological horizon. It enables us to ideate and create tools that amplify the learning experience, taking our users to places that surpass what even real-life coaching can offer,” said Suzanne Frush, Product Manager at Lingo Live. “Learners have access to personalized knowledge and feedback directly from experts, strengthening their confidence and work communications, that’s exciting.”

If you’re not already a Lingo Live learner but want to find out more about our program, please click here.


– The Lingo Live Product Team



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