Jun 15, 2018

Lingo Livers volunteer for the pursuit of lifelong learning

As a language and communication company, Lingo Livers are dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning. And while we work primarily with adult learners, it was exciting to volunteer at Mission Dolores Academy and work with their 1st and 2nd graders. Mission Dolores Academy fosters a community of lifelong learning and recognizes, values, and respects cultural and ethnic differences, which is why the team was excited to work with them! The day before heading to the Mission, Lingo Live went to get the elementary students essential school materials: composition notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, and – of course – candy!

“I was a bit nervous”, admits Arouna Phommasouvanh, Head of Strategic Accounts.”Would these little humans wonder what these taller humans were doing in their room? Would they think my name was weird?”

Getting ready for school

Bright and early, the Lingo Live team met with the school’s principal, Meredith Essalat, ready to start the day. The team was split into two groups of 3: one group was placed with 1st grade, the other with 2nd grade. The Lingo Live team members were nervous as they introduced themselves to the class, but the students were already excited and smiling ear-to-ear. 

At Lingo Live, the concept of learning is embedded into almost every conversation or word written by our team. Core to our program’s success is the focus on 1-to-1 personalized coaching, and the same type of approach was necessary at Mission Delores. “It was clear an individualized approach was needed here as well to help each boy and girl. They all had different strengths, personalities, and areas they needed a little more help on,” said Arouna. 

Turns out, they loved us – and they (mostly!) loved learning from us

However, it was difficult for the students to stay to task – they wanted to chat and play! Ramya Subash, Business Development Researcher, helped the second grade students do math problems and write stories. “It might sound cliche,” said Ramya, “but I truly loved the purity in their hearts. Even though it was my first time in an American school, and it didn’t feel odd to me. They taught me cartwheeling and dressed me up with a tiara. For me, it was a time with no pressure, no commitments – just happiness.”

It’s the little things

“Thinking back on this experience it brings me happiness knowing a small impact goes a long way. It is essential and vital to help no matter how small and big the impact. This was not only a great way to bond with our team and get away from the grind of work, but a way to make a difference in someone’s day, ” Aline Du, Business Development Researcher.


-The Lingo Live Team


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