Dec 27, 2017

Lingo Live’s first Learner Summit: every experience is an opportunity to learn

On December 13th, Lingo Live hosted its first ever Virtual Learner Summit. Originally designed to be a bonus learning opportunity for our current learners, we quickly realized there were lessons to be learned for everyone involved – especially the team at Lingo Live!

Planning our first conference was quite an endeavor. Every detail of the summit was planned, and yet – as often happens – there were a handful of things that went wrong in the final minutes before going live. Speakers cancelled, technology failed and presentation content had to be changed. But we were able to handle last minute curve balls because of the months of preparation, internal training sessions, and coordination of both the Lingo Live coach community and external speakers that we put into the event.

We are proud to report that our hard work resulted in the following:

  • 164 virtual attendees on the day of the event
  • An additional 54 on-demand attendees since the live conference
  • 11 fun-filled educational sessions
  • 7 hours of glorious original content

But perhaps the most important lesson that we learned during the execution of the summit was actually the validation that the skills our coaches teach –skills that foster good team communication – are something that every team can use. Want some examples?

  • Managing up: Asking for Feedback
    Used by Lingo Live marketing team when pitching conference topic ideas to our own engineering team
  • Speaking on the Fly
    Used by LeMari Porter when addressing summit attendees during unexpected technology malfunctions, as well as by the summit speakers during the Q&A portion of their sessions
  • Self Advocacy
    Used by Lingo Live’s customer success team when speaking with customer contacts about reasons to attend our Learner Summit
  • Collaboration on a Multicultural Team
    Used by Lingo Live’s Coach Community Managers when coordinating learner sessions with our multicultural team of coaches across the world
  • Defining Career Success, Your Career Pathway
    Used by Lingo Live’s CEO all of the Lingo Live team who believe that everyone has a personal journey towards their own career success

We consider the Learner Summit a huge success, not only because of the lessons that we learned during its planning, but also because of the feedback that we received from learners who attended the event. Words like “insightful” and “informative” and “relevant” stand out to us and make us feel that all the time, and effort and stress of producing a summit was worth it!


Lingo Live Team

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