Nov 22, 2017

Get to know a Lingo Live coach

At Lingo Live, we’re always talking about how our global network of coaches are the heart and soul of our product. We love them, our learners love them, and we hope you will too!

Headquarters at Lingo Live has long been a fan of the virtual coach meetups we’ve held, where we invite a coach to join us remotely from, well, wherever they are in the world! This gives our whole company the chance to meet and interact with some of our coaches; both coaches and employees love getting to put faces to names to personalities.

And, for as much as I love to wax poetic about our learners and their success stories, I also want to humblebrag about how wonderful our coaches are as well, so here’s introducing:


Background and Experience
In high school and college, Lauren worked as a Literacy and ESL tutor. In grad school, in addition to teaching journalism, she also coached ESL students online before graduating with an MA in Journalism in 2015. She’s also been teaching yoga since 2013!

She’s moved from Alaska to Seattle to Georgia to…Italy!?
In 2015, while working as a journalist at a regional radio station in Juneau, Alaska, Lauren began coaching for Lingo Live to supplement her income, along with working as a freelance photojournalist and writer. However, since joining Lingo Live, she writes, “[This job] has fueled me, allowing me to pay bills and have both a career and life. It’s a job that has worked with my big life changes rather than against them.” Now, it’s her full time gig, and those big life changes include—you guessed it—moving from Colorado to Portland to Alaska to Seattle to Georgia…and Italy!

What’s her Lingo Live career been like?
Lauren says that while initially it was hard to get lessons, as the company grew, so did her learner base. Eventually, she says, “[I got to] put my name in the coaching ring.” And it’s stayed there ever since. Lauren is a phenomenal writing coach whose knowledge base, resources, and courses have helped establish Lingo Live’s writing curriculum.

“I enjoy working for a good purpose [like] helping learners feel more confident in work and life.”

What are some fun facts about Lauren?
1) My morning routine includes coffee, reading my horoscope (I’m a Capricorn), and listening to NPR. Preferably all before starting my first lessons of the day.
2) I have 13 tattoos which sometimes surprises people. The only visible ones are an outline of a world map around my left forearm and “girl power” written above my right elbow. I also have four that are Harry Potter related.
3) I started playing roller derby when I moved to Seoul in 2013. My derby name is Sweet-n-Lo.

What’s she looking forward to?
“Adulting but never settling down (marriage!), moving to Europe in the spring, and looking for stability among the craziness (as always)!”



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