Oct 20, 2017

Helping engineers celebrate their soft skill successes

Today’s engineers want – and need – soft skills training. Whether collaborating on a team or leading one, soft skills play a crucial role in ensuring transparent and concise communication. Unfortunately, engineers often don’t receive the same soft skills training as other departments but Lingo Live is working to change that!

We love hearing from our learners about the positive impact Lingo Live has made on their day-to-day and professional lives. (It puts a little skip in our step and warms our heart.) Our coaches work one-on-one with software engineers and tech professionals to develop the communication and soft skills they need to do their jobs more effectively and feel more engaged at work. Check out some of our learners’ most recent successes below!

“Daily conversations are becoming easier: easier to start and easier to pick up on what others are saying. I’m getting to know my co-workers better. I learned more about their daily lives, where they’re going on the weekend, and our kids have playdates together now.”
– Haoyang, Lingo Live Learner

“I feel more talkative and fluent after my lessons. I’m more likely to start small talk with my co-workers. I can feel that.”
– Ms. Zhao, Lingo Live Learner

“I definitely have noticed a change in other people and how I interact with them… When I choose my words, I now choose to be empathetic, which helps.”
– Shan, Lingo Live Learner

In their career journey, many learners find developing their soft skills out of their comfort zone, which is why our coaches help them build their confidence in lessons before trying them out in the professional world. And we feel that success: “There’s nothing more rewarding,” says LeMari Porter, Learner Success Manager, “than helping someone break down a barrier in their quest for success.

It fills us with pride to see our learners take scary leaps in their communication journey, and land firmly–and confidently–on their feet.


Crystal Abing, Learning & Marketing Specialist at Lingo Live

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