Feb 06, 2017

English as a Second Language engineers are missing from your inclusion efforts

Innovation sits at the core of every growing tech company. To outpace the competition, companies need to constantly add new features, fix bugs in current technology and create brand new, never before seen ideas. At the core of groundbreaking product is a team of developers and engineers turning these ideas into a reality. Without a talented tech team, Uber wouldn’t be able to connect drivers to riders, AirBnB couldn’t connect hosts to travelers and eBay couldn’t connect buyers to sellers. And if your team isn’t quick enough, creative enough or talented enough, the public will move on to the next great product.

With 74% of computer and mathematical workers in Silicon Valley born outside the United States, English is not the native language for a significant portion of the qualified engineering talent. Requiring native-level English speaking abilities at the time of hiring would considerably reduce the talent pool and exclude some of the top innovators, problem solvers and coders from your team. As a result, English training is becoming increasingly important for growing tech companies.

Lingo Live spoke with and surveyed Engineers in our communication coaching program and their managers to understand the implications of language barriers on the individual engineers and the company as a whole. The results illustrate the importance of offering communication training for engineers who speak English as a second language to improve collaboration and productivity within teams and throughout companies.

Managers are key to alleviating the communication and cultural challenges that non-native English speakers face at work everyday, but 1 in 3 engineering managers are unaware the challenges exist. Download the guide for data on the top pains engineers are facing and actionable strategies to solve them.


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