May 31, 2017

The silent threat to workplace satisfaction

Language, culture and communication-related issues prevent non-native English speakers from fully participating in the workplace. Learn how hidden English communication challenges on your engineering team affect employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.

The Silent Threat to Workplace Satisfaction

According to a Lingo Live survey of foreign-born Silicon Valley engineers, 85% would enjoy work more if they were more comfortable speaking English, even if they are already advanced English speakers. Language and communication skills are crucial to be able to advocate for your ideas and yourself, make friends in the workplace, and play a factor in promotions. Non-native engineers who feel their skills aren’t up to par operate at a disadvantage to their native-speaking counter parts. 

Read this report to discover other hidden ways that English communication challenges threaten workplace satisfaction on your engineering team.

Find out how communication challenges are:

  • Preventing engineers from getting their ideas heard
  • Slowing down productivity
  • Impeding social interactions
  • Inhibiting upward mobility

By ignoring communication barriers, tech companies not only lose millions of dollars in productivity, but also miss an opportunity to build an empowering culture for everyone.

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