Jun 18, 2017

Meet the world as a Lingo Live coach

I’m not a continent jumper, but I am a traveler. Along the way, I met some amazing people. I loved discovering new places, trying new food and attempting to pick up pieces of the language in the countries I called home at that time. However, New York is my home now, and I’m very happy here, but…

“Traveling” for Work

But I do miss the adventures of traveling. So, I’m doing the next best thing; I’m traveling the world (virtually) through my job as an English coach with Lingo Live. Each week, I learn about Indonesian, Chinese, Portuguese and French culture through my learners, as I teach them about how to improve their speaking skills. I challenge them to learn how to make small talk with a team-mate or express themselves with their new friends and coworkers in America.

Building Meaningful Relationships

I’m lucky. I have a great relationship with my learners. They trust me, and I build a safe environment where they can learn, practice and make mistakes. By doing so, they make fewer mistakes out “in the real world.” For example, when speaking with a manager during an annual review, presenting to their team or interacting with clients. Then, I work with them to fine-tune the communications skills I take for granted as a native speaker living in an English-speaking country. When was the last time you hesitated to ask a coworker to join you for lunch because you were nervous about speaking in the past tense or forgetting a vocabulary word? For many of my learners, the act of a lunch invitation is stressful. However, after working with them 1-on-1, I see them blossom. They become capable of expressing their authentic selves.

Sure, living in New York City is exciting. But, it isn’t as adventurous as getting lost in a new city, sleeping in airports and overnight buses, and the occasional bout of food poisoning. Thankfully, I can immerse myself in a world similar to that of a traveler. I have an ESL certification and a background in corporate communications. Lingo Live lets me put both skills to use everyday with my learners. I couldn’t ask for more.


Kristin, Coach, Lingo Live

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