Dec 21, 2017

Setting team goals could be the secret to happiness

With 2017 drawing to a close and 2018 on the horizon, I asked Lingo Live team members if they’d like to share their 2018 personal or professional goals. The responses I got back were at once hilarious, unexpected, and, to my surprise, touching. Even if this blog never saw the light of day, I’d still be glad I underwent the process of reaching out individually to each of my co-workers to ask about their goals for 2018.

They made me laugh, they made me roll my eyes—they made me have to Google some stuff cause the people I work with are like, super smart—but mostly they reminded me of why I love my co-workers. I’m fortunate enough to work at a company that feels like family and these people are a large part of why I get out of bed in the morning. They also inspired me to actually set some tangible goals for myself, instead of my standard resolution “to be happier”. I looked at my co-workers’ goals and thought, Be happier how?

“In 2018, my professional goal is to learn, grow, and have the biggest positive impact I can on Lingo Live and the companies we work with. I also want to travel more with my wife and 3 kids to share all the amazing experiences the world offers.” -Brian Sano, Head of Strategic Accounts

“I’m not good at setting goals. Okay, goal: set good goals…for 2019.” -Ben Hinman, Director of Operations

“My goal is also to set goals!” -Michael Snow, Revenue Operations Manager

“For 2017, my goal was to create more stable health and work-life balances for myself, so I wasn’t allowed to do anything work-related after 8PM. Two of my personal goals for 2018 are to complain less and overcome verbal fillers.” -Rachel Zolotarsky, Talent and Operations Manager

“Probably get better at time management so I can survive being a new mom while working full-time!” -Celia Davis, Full Stack Engineer

“1. Finish the improved version of the supply and demand forecasting system so that we can make better decisions in coach hiring. 2. Finish the probability and statistics book that I’m going through…” Edderic Ugaddan, Full Stack Engineer

“I want to read more books in this coming year and lose some weight. Professionally, I want to hit all my sales targets.” -Jordan Bernstein, Development Researcher

“I mean, the normal stuff: losing weight, saving money, brushing up on skills.” -Natalya Krimgold, Marketing Writer & Designer

“I want employees to feel like they are heard and shape the company culture around what’s important to them!” -Tracey Gordon, Talent & Office Manager

“My goal is to commit to a morning meditation practice to bring more clarity to each day.” -Mike Giordani, Co-founder and Head of Customer Success

“I’m planning to learn the violin this year!” Dina Spencer, Community Manager (Europe)

“I’d like to push myself even further in fiction writing and then apply that storytelling ability to my work differentiating our brand!” Christine Olivas, VP of Marketing

“Travel to three new countries.” – Amjed Osman, Customer Success Manager

“I’ve been really involved in looking into the application of blockchain technology in the financial and internet industries and I’d say my goal for the new year is to stay on top of the trends that come out as the internet starts to become decentralized.” -Christian Renfro, Customer Success Manager

“Contribute more to the Lingo Live blog. Start journaling about my goals.” -Alyssa Conley, Head of Coach Community

“My goal is to be more organized, manage my time better and start learning a third language.” -Karla Ibañez, Account Administrator

“Cooking lessons! I’m thinking Latin American, but honestly open to a lot of different options.” -Amelia Torres, Onboarding & Culture Specialist

“Spend more time working on the things I’m passionate about.” -Emi Agg, Marketing Manager

As for me and how I plan “to be happier” in 2018?  

Start writing again, stay hydrated, take Spanish lessons, go to more theater shows, and spend more time with my best friend and her two dogs, Astro and Nyle.

— Crystal Abing, Top Dog at Lingo Live

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