Apr 03, 2019

How to build a culture of innovation

Innovation drives growth. Time and time again, we see that the companies with the best ideas, the ones that solve problems in unique ways, those are the companies that thrive. The question is why some companies are more innovative than others. How does that happen? What kind of organizations create the environment where new ideas not only arise but actually come to fruition?

Our Co-Founder Mike Giordani and Julia Markish, Director of Employee Practice at Medallia, spent an hour discussing just that in a recent HR.com webinar. And it wasn’t a pie-in-the-sky conversation either. Mike and Julia provided some actionable steps that anyone at any company can take to foster innovation. Just a few things they talked about:

  • Where the best ideas come from (and it isn’t usually the C-suite)
  • Why systems and governance matter just as much as those ideas do
  • How to measure the ROI you get from innovation

If you missed our free webinar on HR.com, you’re in luck. We’ve got the recording queued up and ready. Just head here to check it out.

We want to send a big “thank you” to Julia for her time and expertise. She was full of real-world examples and action steps you can take to make your company more open, more collaborative, and ultimately, more innovative. Thanks Julia!


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